27 November 2011

Week In Illustrations #3

Monday: Listened to Rihanna's new album Talk that Talk a lot, so kinky haha. What's your favourite song from the album? Discovered when the Topshop nail art pens are being released, realised I'd been a vegetarian for 5 years to this month. Was delighted when my cat came and slept on my bed for the night - which she never does!

Tuesday: Had a glitter overdose when painting my nails. Looked up train tickets for going to Reading next weekend (woo!) and started doing some Christmas craft - only slightly early!

Wednesday: Spent hours looking on ebay for 'designer inspired' items as well as adding some complete gems to my Christmas list. My nail art brushes also arrived which I'm very much looking forward to using :)

Thursday: Went to Toys R Us to look for my cousins Christmas presents but ended up just wishing I was a kid again. Also rediscovered my love for peanut butter as well as forgetting how much I enjoy a bit of Brie too!

Friday: Picked up some amazing bargains (I'm still getting over it - it's now Sunday!) and found a new collar and jumper combo!

Saturday: I went to the golf course (I don't play!) and indulged in too many cheesey chips. My mum took me to Hobbycraft in the afternoon too. There is so much Christmas craft I want to do!

Sunday: Pretty shattered after lots of early mornings, so caught up with the hours I'd missed! Distanced myself from the world a bit because it all gets too much sometimes. Made my dad a wish list about a foot long for him to take to America with him :D

I've got a pretty busy upcoming week, but I really want to get a DIY done so hopefully you'll see that :)

26 November 2011

November Purchases

There are so many ridiculous deals and offers on at the moment, especially in Superdrug. I might just have to go back! This ongoing 'economic crisis' isn't all bad I suppose...
Golden Wonder: Lush | 'Christmas Cracker' Gift Box: Charity Shop, £3!
I did some charity shopping yesterday; I rarely go but occasionally I get strong urge to just have a good old rummage. I can't believe I found some Lush! They also had the 'Bunty' gift box but that didn't ~ float my boat ~. I also spied a Louis Vuitton bag (£49, who knows if it was real?!), a Sleek Pout Paint still in the cellophane for 50p and some other make up, all brand new. Shame I'm trying to save money!
Vanilla Candle: Primark
Fashionista Blush Palette: Superdrug
I made a Fashionista blush palette! Something I've been dying to do for ages but had to wait until I was in London to get it - I don't like buying make up online when I can't swatch it!
Nail Art Brushes: eBay
After reading Amy's post, I picked these up for an extremely reasonable £2.20 inc. postage. The brushes on my nail art pens just weren't cutting it, I can't wait to try these!
Beetle Juice Nail Varnishes: Models Own
Ordered some of the Beetle Juice Models Own polishes on the 1st November at 10am when they were released like the obsessive freak I am!
Gold Finger and Disco Mix: Models Own
Sale Jewellery: Topshop
I got some insane bargains on the Topshop jewellery this month. I've had my eye on that scallop collar necklace since I posted this wish list, originally £14. I'd since marked down to £7 but still didn't think it was worth it, I'm pretty sure you can imagine my delight when I walked in and saw it at £1.50!! Barginous! The spike studs were half price as were the dangly spikes. I scooped up the pack of earrings for a £1 which works out as 11p per stud :)
Sooo cute!
My mum and I were both quite delighted at these when we saw them in Sainsbury's, so much so we ended up being late!
Dalmatian Top: Primark
I finaaally got my Dalmatian fix, I've been looking for a Dalmatian related item of clothing for months now but they're all so expensive! Primark triumphs again :D


23 November 2011

One Year Later...

 I'd like to introduce you to my new winter coat - which I've wanted for a whole year! I couldn't justify the £55 last year especially as I'd already bought a new coat for the winter. I tried to bag it in the crazy Boxing Day Next sale but the 5am sales just aren't my friends! So I pushed the thought aside and along came a new winter and new stock. I spotted the burgundy version of it in Next this year (which they've stuck a sneaky extra fiver on!) this prompted an eBay search and I found a brand new one for just £30! Here's the link if you want a look, the seller has most sizes :)

(I also thought I'd share my nails ~ SPARKLES! ~ and my ear jewellery for today!)

And there is the story of my coat. Have any of your clothes got stories? Leave 'em below! 

20 November 2011

Week In Illustrations #2

A word to sum up this past week would be messy. Hence the messy drawing! And when it's not me making the mess, it's someone else in close proximity!

Monday: I was placed on the messy art table, let loose with a flood of four and five year olds with painty hands. Was made slightly better in the afternoon with a visit to Topshop and some sale finds!

Tuesday: Popped my ~ Zumba ~ cherry, which taught me I clearly don't do enough exercise :S. I also attempted to put the mess right by cleaning the whole of downstairs.

Wednesday: Made Oreo cheesecakes, painted lots of dalmatian print and received lots of post.

Thursday: Looked for the Models Own and Diet Coke collaboration and failed. Ordered the Vectras for Christmas and played Battleships for the first time in years.

Friday: More painting, eurgh! Finally ordered a new Laptop charger before I electrocuted myself. Felt very popular when someone called me about ten times in a row at 1am :\

Saturday: Celebrated my Granny's birthday and ditched the vodka for a night in with "I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here!"

Sunday: Spurted paint all over the carpet (yay!) and started making some Christmas cards :)

Hope your week wasn't as messy as mine!

18 November 2011

Peanut Butter Oreo Cheesecakes

I saw this recipe on Dainty Dresses months ago, ever since it's been sitting in my bookmarks just waiting to be made! You can find the complete recipe here.

I thought it would be a bit silly to write out instructions again - especially as it's not my recipe! So if you want a go, the link is right here :)

I'm trying to work through some of my bookmarked pages so maybe expect a few more cooking posts!
P.s. Do you like my new wintery blog look? - Not finished yet though!

16 November 2011


 Top: Topshop | Cardigan: Unbranded | Jeans: Missguided | Jacket: New Look (A/W '10) | Rings: H&M | Necklace: Topshop Sale | Bag: River Island Sale (A/W '10) | Nails: Coming Soon...

Uh oh, these jeans again - apologies but they're so versatile! I'm wearing one of the infamous Topshop scallop tops also, which everyone and their mum has.. In fact, this one is my mothers!

Also, don't you just love Topshop sale jewellery? I managed to snatch this cross necklace for a bargainous £3.50, down from £12.50! I also got a few other bits which I'll post about soon :)


13 November 2011

Week In Illustrations #1

I feel like Sunday Summaries are getting a bit overdone nowadays so I thought I'd try something new! It's also a good way for me to get back into drawing - I haven't done any since June! I think it's safe to say, college killed my passion for art :( 

Monday: Monday's are also a good start to the week as the Tesco food shopping gets delivered! I usually tuck into a slice of cheesecake whilst watching The Hotel Inspector.

Tuesday: Enjoyed some late fireworks and sparklers in the rain.

Wednesday: Visited my Grandpa in hospital whilst he was recovering from his knee replacement. Attempted to make some soap and ended up setting my hand on fire(!!!) along with the worktop! So scary.
 I did persevere however and ended up with a cute fish soap - just in time for my Granny's birthday next Saturday!

Thursday: Spent a long time on Facebook doing a bit of catching up and playing solitaire on the computer :)

Friday: Painted a few of my nail ideas, ate too much cheese and chilled to some music.

Saturday: Watched The X Factor for what seemed like five hours! Also began a Christmas list (hello Topshop Vectras!) and painted some more nails.

Sunday: Went to the Remembrance Service and of course wrote this post ;)

What did you all get up to this week?

10 November 2011

Wish List #13

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6
Whilst searching the internet (trying to decide what I want for Christmas!) I've stumbled upon a lot of really cute gift sets which I wouldn't mind getting hold of myself. I also thought these would good things if you're a bit stuck for gift ideas, all of which are under £28.50! I think I'm going to be asking Father Christmas for something from the MAC glitter and ice collection ;)


08 November 2011

October Favourites

October seemed like a long month now that I look back on it. One weekend we were sweltering from our Indian Summer and the next defrosting our car windscreens! So this month I've loved pretty much anything to do with collars and the colour burgundy. I've also been loving anything to do with animals and 'grandpa jumpers'. The first image is actually my dream outfit!