25 September 2011

Colour Crush: Burnt Orange

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*Will add the links to 6, 7, 8 and 9 when Dorothy Perkins and Topshops websites are back up!*

Here's another Colour Crush post - thanks for all the lovely comments on the Burgundy one! It took me quite a long time to find enough items in the colour I wanted but here it is! I was also thinking picking out some of these items and putting them into a sort of 'How To Style' post? What do you think?
Hope you all had a good weekend :)

19 September 2011


 | Jumper: New Look | Jeans: Missguided | Necklace: Dorothy Perkins | Brogues: Topshop | Ring: Asos | Nails:  Andrea Fulerton ' Princess' and Models Own ' Juicy Jules |

As you can see I'm getting my money's worth from Juicy Jules it looks pretty fab on a dark nail polish, I've had quite a few compliments :) Definitely worth getting if you're a nail polish hoarder like me! These are the new jeans which I gave you a glimpse of in my second to last post, without a doubt the tightest jeans I own (sure I didn't have to lie down to get them on), I'm already wincing at the thought of putting them on after a wash! A perfect fit though, unlike the dress.

Not much else to say really, only... What is UP with you YOUTUBE?! I'm getting withdrawal symptoms. It's quite amusing that I have so little to say despite it being LFW (I'm loving Topshop's nail art btw!) Enjoy your evening!

17 September 2011

Nail Inspiration

I found these images in the depths of my files today and thought I'd share - I don't think I'll ever feel uninspired when it comes to painting my nails ever again!
 I decided to have a go at the blinging Chanel ones above...

14 September 2011

Recent buys

Long time no blog! Sorry, it wasn't intentional, I was away for a few days and then had a couple of those intense days where you leave the house at 8am and don't get back until gone 11pm! Yesterday was a surprisingly good day, it included: work, shopping, making 40 cupcakes, birthday celebrations, Inbetweeners Movie (FINALLY!) and then finding out I'd won Georgie's giveaway :)
Any who, here are a few recent things which have made their way into my wardrobe!
Sausage dog ring - Asos
V05 Miracle Concentrate - Superdrug
Gold collar necklace - Dorothy Perkins
Leopard Print Zip Top - Topshop Sale
Obscenely short Missguided Dress, which unfortunately I'll be sending back :(
Wine jeans - Missguided
Definitely want to get a few outfit posts done and a long overdue nail post in the coming week, so look out for those! Thank you for reading :)
P.s. I've officially decided I'm never going away again - the Youtube and Blog catching up afterwards is just too intense!

07 September 2011

DIY: Ear Cuff

You will need:
- Pliers
- Wire
- Ruler
- Pen/Pencil/Make Up Brush
Cut about 3" of wire (I wanted silver wire but could only find copper :( )
Bend two right angles in the centre of the wire. (Excuse my nails!!)
Use a make up brush/a pencil/pen and bend the wire round, depending on how thick/big your upper ear is.
Use your pliers to cut off the excess wire.
Bend the sharp ends round using pliers, so you don't scratch your ear - or if your pliers are of horrendous quality find an old pair of tweezers!
Slide your wire off your make up brush and attach to ear...
Not the best picture, but you get the idea! Also my hair looks a bit grey, it's just the lighting... I hope!
Thanks for reading, let me know if you try it :)

05 September 2011

Sunday Summary #4

I know, I know... It's a Monday but Sunday slipped away from me!
1. My Models Own order arrived! What colours did you get?
2. Visited Dover Castle on Monday
3. Cheeky seagull in Hastings
4. The home of 'Winne The Pooh' - Ashdown Forest
5. New MUA palette in Starry Night 
1. My long awaited Models Own order arrived, I got Top Turquoise, Juicy Jules, Peacock Green, Purple Haze, Bubblegum and a basecoat if you were wondering :)
2. You might be wondering why I've been on quite a fair few days out over this Summer - it's because our family never got round to booking a holiday and the last minute deals didn't appeal to us! Dover Castle was pretty good, I liked the secret wartime tunnels, you really got a feel for what it might have been like back in the 40s. Take a jumper though if you visit, it's a tad chilly down there!
3. On the Tuesday we went to Hastings and did all the touristy things, fish and chips for lunch, ice creams, the arcade and finished off by looking in the antique/junk shops... I have never seen so much junk in my life! Definitely worth checking out, if you're there!
4. Went for a woodland stroll, around Pooh Corner, the picture is of mini honey pots which people had left for Winnie, it was so sweet! There was also a little door in the side of the tree and messages from people :')
5. Finally got my hands on some MUA Pro, no where near me stocks it! I was admiring it, then next thing on I know my clumsy brother knocks it out of my hands. I managed to catch it on the way down but dented several shadows as I saved it! I wouldn't speak to him for hours, lol.

How was your week?

03 September 2011


Top: New Look | Shorts: Primark | Feather headband: Primark | Necklace: New Look | Ring: Dollybowbow | Nails: Models Own, Bubblegum

- I got this top in the New Look sale yesterday for a bargainous two pounds! I know quite a few people have it but I couldn't resist. I usually don't bother delving too far into the New Look sales because they're always so messy with clothes falling off hangers left, right and centre but I was waiting whilst my mum tried on about 326 dresses!

- The shorts are another item of clothing which have been stashed away over this 'summer', I'm not sure if they actually go with the top but my mum said they did and mums know best, right?!

02 September 2011

Summer Was Over Us In Bursts

Vest: Mango | Skirt: Jack Wills | Brogues: Topshop | Bracelets: (L>R) Links of London, Jack Wills, Accessorize and Primark | Ring: H&M

- Not the most exciting outfit today, just chilling really! Took the opportunity to get some wear out of this skirt which I picked up in the sale not so long ago, the vest was also a little sale find which I got years ago in London. Btw, no face today because my skin is going crazy! :(

- If you're wondering why I have different nails in my outfit post it's because my Models Own order came and I couldn't resist trying them out, the nude leopard pictures were taken earlier :P I really wanted to do nude leopard nails after reading Gem's post the other day. 

- I'm going to my friends 20th birthday party tonight so I may squeeze in some outfit of the night photos, if I have time! I can't believe we're all growing up so quickly, I remember her when she was 11! Enjoy your evening, whether you be hitting the town or staying in watching Big Brother or something :P