20 June 2011

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19 June 2011

One Hundred Things I Love #5

041. Coral
042. Emma Watson
043. Marriage
044. Yellow Bags
045. Notepads
046. Pub Lunch

047. The Eighties
048. Laughter
049. Bling
50. Shopping
Images all sourced from Tumblr, bar one.
Half way there! Are you bored yet!?

17 June 2011

Topshop A/W '11

Despite it being mid June (reaaaalllyyy?) I got far too excited when I saw Look had tweeted about the brand spanking new Topshop A/W 2011 collection! I thought I'd share my personal favourites and thoughts with you - to see the full collection click here.
Topshop Thrift Trend For Autumn/Winter 2011
This dalmatian jumper is so cute! The double layered chiffon peter pan collar is just perfection.
Topshop Bavaria Trend For Autumn/Winter 2011
I wish I could see more of this dress but the detailing around the waist looks exquisite and I definitely want to inject some of the red wine colour into my wardrobe when Autumn comes.
Topshop Thrift Trend For Autumn/Winter 2011
Love this jacket and the belt is lush too.
Topshop Thrift Trend For Autumn/Winter 2011
Another pretty little chiffon dress, the cuffs are adorable! The loafers are growing on me too. Not liking the yellow 'referee bib' though!
Topshop Thrift Trend For Autumn/Winter 2011
I think I might have to take the plunge this year and invest in a Topshop coat, they're all amazing!
Topshop Pyschobilly Trend For Autumn/Winter 2011
Not overly keen on this outfit but the dalmatian print bag can come home with me any day!
Topshop Thrift Trend For Autumn/Winter 2011
Check out the tweed jacket with the sequinned(?) collar and cuffs, eeek!

Topshop Thrift Trend For Autumn/Winter 2011
Pink fur coat.. Get in my wardrobe.
Topshop Thrift Trend For Autumn/Winter 2011
This is my absolute favourite outfit of the entire collection, I would actually buy everything she's wearing! I need to see more of that bag! 

So overall, there seems to be a lot of mixed textures going on, I've fallen a little bit in love with the chiffon and tweed combination already. Chunky knitwear is still prominent after last winter and you'll be able to bring your fur coat back out! There are a lot of masculine cuts (not so much in the above pictures) which are spruced up by delicate embellishment on collars and cuffs. The outfits seem quite thrown together, I'd probably describe it as 'charity shop chic' if I had to sum it up. I was hoping for more dalmatian references but I suppose we'll have to wait and see what else Topshop brings :)

Let me know what you think!

13 June 2011

Wish list #10

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5
I've been trying to write this post for ages but I keep getting distracted (I've just come back after saving an innocent mouse from my cats evil jaws!) This post was actually going to be a DIY too but I mucked it up so I'll have to rethink that one. Anyway...

1. Mustard body con skirt: I don't have anything mustard in my wardrobe, I wouldn't mind a mustard shift dress either...
2. I've wanted something with stars and stripes on for a long time and I was thinking of buying just a plain black bandeau for the summer, but hey, why not meet in the middle?! 
3. I love these bracelets! They disappeared from the website for a while and I was pretty distraught, haha! I already have the red one, I want to get all of them though :) I seem to be cocking everything up recently so I thought it was appropriate ;)
4. I've always liked the infamous Topshop flag shorts, but they're so sought after so many people must have a pair by now. Definitely going to have to try them on :D
5. Not completely sure about this ring but it's got the YSL arty ring feel to it.

Lastly, how cool is this Danielle Scutt jewellery? I doubt I'd wear any of it but I like the idea!

05 June 2011

Sunday Summary #3

Not much has been going on at all recently but I feel the need for a ramble (which I'm actually going to call a Sunday Summary, in hope that it will have a bit of structure :L)
Poor attempt at aztec nails :\
Turned around to find my cat in the shower (the doors were open) - I shut them for picture purposes. Don't worry though, she didn't mind, I'm not a cat abuser!
Made some chocolate chip cookies, which came out really doughy, didn't have any chocolate chips so had to cut up chunks of chocolate!

Other things that have happened this week:
- I made a grand total of £89.55 on ebay :D I probably won't spend it because I'm awful at spending money.
- My mum had a 'secret millionaire' moment, it was so crazily weird.
- Went out on Thursday night and spent just £2! (Massive pre-drink, bottle of Vodka in handbag, four of us in the taxi if you wanted to know how I managed it :P) On the downside though I managed to rub my feet raw and couldn't walk properly for the next two days, stupid high heels.
- My Missguided jeans arrived, am very pleased with them - definitely recommend Missguided if you want all the pretty things from Topshop but aren't willing to pay sky high prices!
- Won't be ordering from H&M again, never did get my rings.
- Wanted Steven Hall from BGT to win, usually I hate the sort of 'not so talented comedy acts' but I thought he was flipping hilarious! Razy was also amazing too, not so fond of the others - seen it all before.
- I lost my fake tan virginity too ;)

What have you been up too this week?