31 August 2011

August Favourites

My favourite August images for inspiration - all from Lookbook.

01. LINK - I still want an American flag top, Topshop never got my size in!
02. LINK - I love the cape detailing on this shirt, made completely informal with the vintage high waisted shorts and thigh high socks.
03. LINK - I'm not a fan of midi skirts but this one is so pretty, especially paired with the oversized fushcia top.
04. LINK - This girl's legs are insanely long! I really like the layering beneath the oversized masculine blazer.
05. LINK - These leggings are just amazing! I want to do a DIY with the shirt also.
06. LINK - I like the mix of textures in this outfit, the big chunky knit, little leather satchel, scalloped edges, topped off with a chiffon scarf on the bag.
07. LINK - I feel like another DIY coming on! I also love arm cuffs - shame it's not warm enough to show them off in the UK :(
08. LINK - I love all this jewellery, I want her jewellery box! I also love the nail colour, I'm still looking for the perfect nude nail polish.
09. LINK - Really do like the cut out sleeves - a simple way to add interest to a plain old t shirt. I also might try the double belt thing!
I wanted a more substantial post today, but I've been out all day for the last three days so time has prevented me! It is the last day of August however, so I suppose I had to fit this in somewhere. 
I've got a few ideas for some more DIYs which I'm looking forward to doing, just need to gather materials and what not :) I will probably work on them tomorrow whilst I wait for my new mattress to be delivered and hopefully my Models Own order! I'm blaming Royal Mail :\

28 August 2011

Sunday Summary #3

This week went a little something like this...
Spending silly amounts of time on the Models Own website
Eating too many strawberries!
Discovering my Mum's stash of Soap & Glory!
New underwear and notebook :D
Learning about Depth of Field, thanks to Gem :)
A visit to Penshurst Place - check out that scary sky!
And finally - bargain of the week: A 'Chanel inspired' belt found in my local charity shop for £1!
A few other bits too:
- A big thank you for all the lovely comments you've been leaving and for reading my blog :)
- I found a really good editing website called InstantRetro, as you can see I went a bit crazy on some of the above pictures!
- My previous post was my 100th post, which marked a nice milestone. Here's to the next one hundred!

26 August 2011

Colour Crush: Burgundy

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Hello old and new followers :) Here's my second installment from my 'Colour Crush' series! I really enjoy putting these posts together as I love browsing clothing websites and then laying them out all nicely.

This A/W a pair of burgundy, red wine coloured skinny jeans are on my hit list, these shoes have also been on my wish list but for much longer (probably over two years when I set eyes on them in Vogue once!) A girl can dream...!

Will you be injecting any burgundy into your wardrobe for the upcoming months?

24 August 2011

DIY: Studded Collar and Cuffs

Whilst browsing Tumblr I came across this picture and remembered that I had a shirt in my wardrobe which was getting a bit boring... I bought some studs from eBay and here's what I did!
'Pyramid Studs': eBay, and a plain sheer shirt.
Push the two 'prongs' of the stud through the beginning of the collar, leaving nice even spaces.
Push them down to secure the studs on the over side.
Continue around the collar following the hem.
Repeat on the other half of the collar.
I've chosen to do the cuffs similar to the collar - start just next to the button hole...
And continue all the way around!
A very simple way of adding interest to a plain item. I didn't have any trouble pushing the studs through either, which I know can happen with denim etc :)


22 August 2011

What's In My Make-Up Bag?

I know these sorts of posts are done to death but I still love them! I don't take a make up with me everywhere I go, this is just what I take when I'm going away.
I tend to section things out when I do my make up, so you'll also see how I do that as well :P
Make Up Bag
Mirror and base
Cheeks and moisturise lips
Lips and random bits!
Top: Max Factor, 510 English Rose
Bottom: Barry M, 53 Coral
I don't use all of this on my face at once btw!
Also, if you have any questions, would like me to do a review on any of these products just leave a comment, I'd be happy to do that :)

21 August 2011

Hampton Court

About three weeks ago (completely forgot I had these photos!) my family and I went to Hampton Court in London for the day, formerly the home of Henry VIII and many other royals. It was a really pretty place and offered a huge amount of information inside the house. Also lots of great photo opportunities for all you photographers! (Photo heavy)
I think this would look amazing as a print on a dress!

Overall, it was a good day and definitely worth a visit (if you enjoy these sorts of places). I wasn't too keen on the inside however - all the rooms began to look the same and were never ending!

19 August 2011

Wish list #11

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I love all the cute animals which have been popping up recently. I was so close to buying that purse when I was in town the other day, I held off though - maybe I'll just cave in though next time!

So, how did everyones results go yesterday? The last of my friends got into Uni - whilst I'm happy for them, I'm sad because I'm going to be stuck here on my own!


16 August 2011


Scalloped Peter Pan Top | New Look
Black Cardigan | Marks and Spencer
Jeans | Primark
Satchel | Primark
Swallow Print Scarf | Primark
Nail Polish | Barry M - 297
YSL Arty Replica Ring | DollyBowBow
Perfume | DKNY Be Delicious
I feel like I have so much to talk about but really, it's a load of rambles! This is what I wore today to meet my friend who I haven't seen in months (university steals friends :( ) we had some nosh and browsed the shops. I swatched a fair few Topshop lipsticks and I'm really tempted to get Desert, it didn't look too pretty in the tube but on my hand it looked lovely! I also took the opportunity to swatch one of the new Sleek Pout Polishes... For some reason, I went for the bright blue one (why?!?) and ended up walking around town with a smurf hand!

The nail varnish is a pretty new addition to my Barry M family. Seriously loving it at the moment - it's highly pigmented, considering it's a glitter. I might do a review of this in fact, I don't think it has enough love! I've got my eye on the red one too.

Finally, I said I'd show you the completed Decopatch/new make up storage tray in this post. So here it be! This is mostly the make up I don't use very often, but I still like to keep them looking nice so when I do use them I don't have to rummage around for a particular item. I now need to Decopatch the other boxes I have :)