26 November 2011

November Purchases

There are so many ridiculous deals and offers on at the moment, especially in Superdrug. I might just have to go back! This ongoing 'economic crisis' isn't all bad I suppose...
Golden Wonder: Lush | 'Christmas Cracker' Gift Box: Charity Shop, £3!
I did some charity shopping yesterday; I rarely go but occasionally I get strong urge to just have a good old rummage. I can't believe I found some Lush! They also had the 'Bunty' gift box but that didn't ~ float my boat ~. I also spied a Louis Vuitton bag (£49, who knows if it was real?!), a Sleek Pout Paint still in the cellophane for 50p and some other make up, all brand new. Shame I'm trying to save money!
Vanilla Candle: Primark
Fashionista Blush Palette: Superdrug
I made a Fashionista blush palette! Something I've been dying to do for ages but had to wait until I was in London to get it - I don't like buying make up online when I can't swatch it!
Nail Art Brushes: eBay
After reading Amy's post, I picked these up for an extremely reasonable £2.20 inc. postage. The brushes on my nail art pens just weren't cutting it, I can't wait to try these!
Beetle Juice Nail Varnishes: Models Own
Ordered some of the Beetle Juice Models Own polishes on the 1st November at 10am when they were released like the obsessive freak I am!
Gold Finger and Disco Mix: Models Own
Sale Jewellery: Topshop
I got some insane bargains on the Topshop jewellery this month. I've had my eye on that scallop collar necklace since I posted this wish list, originally £14. I'd since marked down to £7 but still didn't think it was worth it, I'm pretty sure you can imagine my delight when I walked in and saw it at £1.50!! Barginous! The spike studs were half price as were the dangly spikes. I scooped up the pack of earrings for a £1 which works out as 11p per stud :)
Sooo cute!
My mum and I were both quite delighted at these when we saw them in Sainsbury's, so much so we ended up being late!
Dalmatian Top: Primark
I finaaally got my Dalmatian fix, I've been looking for a Dalmatian related item of clothing for months now but they're all so expensive! Primark triumphs again :D



  1. I think, out of all this stuff, my favourite is the Dalmation top! It's so cute!

  2. Love that collar necklace, I'm gutted I haven't been able to get to Topshop yet, my friend went and got a lovely necklace that was supposed to be £30 and they'd accidentally put a £1.50 sticker on it but they still gave her it for £1.50! :) xx

  3. Lush in a charity shop? Great find! You've bought some lovely stuff. I got really excited when I first saw the bobble hatted Innocent smoothies too, they're so cute xx

  4. I saw the Topshop Collar Necklace in the sale, but didn't pick it up! If it's £1.50 I am going to get it, I must check next time I am in town :)

    Those MO polishes look such lovely colours :)

  5. That collar necklace is so cute,
    I really want to get my hands on one of those innocent smoothies with the hat! Are they only available from Sainbury's?

  6. I've heard a lot about Golden Wonder, supposed to be real good and super big!

  7. cool!

    xoxo from rome

  8. I must tell my dalmatian obsessed friend about that top!

  9. I love the nail polish colors.

  10. Great buys, I really want to try the models own polish as the colours are ridiculously pretty but nail polish makes my fingers feel all funny. Sigh.


  11. that dalmation top looks so cute! lovely buys, jealous of that collar for £1.50 - such a bargain! x

  12. :O! how could anyone give lush away like that! But bonus to you ;) Great deal, I wondered how you picked up the boog, I was like thats not out this year :P


  13. I just paiid full price for that collar necklace this weekend! Hmmm... Think I may need to take it backa and try to find it in the sale! Then maybe I can justify buying the pearl one I want as well! x

  14. Wow, look at all those purchases! Wish I didn't spend all my money at the beginning of the month, can't wait for next week's payday!

    x Michelle | thefeatherden.net

  15. glitter glitter glitter. i can never get enough glitter :)


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