29 April 2012

April Favourites

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The Stars and Stripes trend has been done to death but I still love it! I'm still tempted to get an American flag print item of clothing but I'd feel like a bit of a traitor with the Jubilee and the Olympics coming up soon!
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I loved the colour, coral last year and I continue to love it! I think it's such a good summery colour and it does a good job of making me look more tanned than I actually am when I wear it.
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Ice cream colours and ice cream prints. Just general sweetie goodness :) After all the horrific weather this week, these outfits just make me long for Summer!
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I've always liked adding detail on my trousers and tights, maybe it's because I have long legs and I feel the need to break up the huge block of denim when I wear jeans? I spotted a few new ideas on Lookbook this month, the heart patch leggings are actually DIY'd so I might give them a go myself. Also, how brilliant are the first pair of tights?!
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I'm not usually into lots of lace or crochet but these outfits made me want to own some! It looks so feminine with the chiffon skirts.
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Again, I hope this rain shifts soon so I can dig out some floral items from my wardrobe! I really like the last pair of trousers, I don't think they'd suit me though - I know they're pretty popular amongst bloggers! 

A few to follow:

What did you like in April? Also, please leave me your blogs/blogs you enjoyed reading this month, I could do with some new reads!

27 April 2012

Colour Crush: Lilac

Dress | Shirt | Skirt 1 | Shorts | Jeans | Tights | Nail Polish | Belt | Skirt 2
Since buying my lilac jeans from Primark the other day, I really like mixing lilac with various other colours, I never realised that lilac would go with quite a few other things! I love the first skirt but I doubt I'd wear it, I also love the striped shorts which I'm putting off buying as my friend has the mint version of them - slightly annoyed that she bet me to them!
Do you like the colour lilac?
EDIT: Just realised how well this post goes with my blog layout!

24 April 2012

Wah Wheel

Just before Easter my Wah Nails Nail Art book arrived which I was really excited about as I've been a Wah Nails fan for quite a long time now! I've now had a good chance to try out some of the designs and read the book, so here are some of my favourites!

So, my thoughts overall? I liked this book and it was nice to be able to have it to hand rather than look at the nail designs on the internet. I think if you're like me and spend hours looking at nail art and you spend a fair amount of time painting nails you could probably could go without this book! I think it's perfect for beginners however. Being the child I am, I really liked the stickers though and it's an interesting book to stick on the coffee table!

Do you have this book? What's your favourite Wah design?

20 April 2012

Pastel Blur

Jumper: Mum via Topshop | Jeans: Topshop Sale | Socks: Topshop | Brogues: Topshop | Necklace: Topshop Sale | Bracelets: Topshop & eBay | Lipstick: No 7 'Brigitte
I wore this outfit the other night when I had an informal meeting, which was pretty boring and I'm not looking forward to the next one on Monday! I rediscovered this lilac-y pink lipstick in my make up draw the other day so I thought I'd give it a go. I like the way it looks up close but further away I think it makes my lips look dead! I was worried I might have overdone the pastel trend but I think the jeans break it up nicely. Apologies for the excessive amount of Topshop in this outfit - I didn't realise!

TGIF! It's been quite a busy week and it really didn't help that I managed to catch some sort of sickness bug on Wednesday night, I still powered on through Thursday though feeling alright, then the mistake came when I decided to go out last night. Bad idea! I'm now recovering in bed by Blogging and catching up on Youtube videos!

Lots of changes today... Turns out my Blogger layout changed to the new one last night, not overly keen (it all looks very clinical) but it looks like something I'll get used to! Hopefully this post will turn out alright. Picnik closed yesterday too so I was expecting a bit of hassle with that, but I've just used it as normal?! Ohh, I can't keep up with all these changes! Hope you have a great weekend!

17 April 2012

eBay vs Topshop #2

A lot of you seemed to enjoy the last post of eBay vs Topshop so I thought I'd do another one! My eBay watch list currently consists of 10 pages at the moment so I wouldn't be surprised if there's a #3 and #4!
 Topshop items are on the left!
Wide Eye Ring, £5 | eBay version, £4.40
(I know that's not a huge saving but the Topshop one is currently sold out and the eBay ones come in different colours!)
Sleeveless Stripe Shirt, £32 | eBay version, 14.99
Cascade Spike Earcuff, £14 | eBay version, £3.99
Aztec Bandeau, £10 | eBay version, £3.49

PU Panel Knickers, £20 | eBay version, £6.99
Happy shopping ;)

16 April 2012

London Buys

In my previous post, I said I was off to London for the day for some serious shopping, and that's exactly what I did! Although, I didn't get anything which I featured on my wishlist - oops. That was mainly due to not being able to find half the things and completely forgetting to look for the Real Techniques brushes (kicking myself now!)
Sunglasses: Primark | Scarves: Primark | Necklace: Primark | Bracelet: Topshop

  • The pearl collar necklace is so similar to this one in Topshop that I spotted a few weeks ago as I thought it would look really nice with a dress I'm wearing to my cousins wedding soon, I wasn't expecting to see it in Primark for just 4 pounds!
  • The hugeeee Topshop on Oxford Circus had an amazing jewellery sale on, I got far too excited! There was more stuff in the sale than the whole jewellery section in my local Topshop! And then of course there was all the non sale items to add to that too! Oh Em Gee! I picked up this evil eye bracelet half price, which I've never seen before online or instore, tbh I probably would've paid the full £5 for it. It just happened to be the last one as well and it fits my silly skinny wrists, definitely fate ♥

Both Primark
  • Finally got myself a cute little backpack! I've been looking at them for a while now but didn't want to spend £30+ on something I might not use very often. I thought it was rather fitting with the upcoming Jubilee and the Olympics :)
  • I'm slightly on the fence with the second bag, whilst I love it as it's a bit of a knock off for the Louis Vuitton Alma/Paul's Boutique Maisy bag I'm a tad worried that every 13 year old chav may be carrying one it :S I promise you now though, that tacky plastic charm thing is coming straight off and being replaced by one of the skull scarves above!
Top:  Primark | Bikini: Forever 21
  • I've wanted a Rihanna top for a while, I'd been looking at the Topman ones but the trouble is I know a few guys who have the very same one so I thought that might be a bit awkward! I think this one looks like one you'd buy in Topshop and it fits surprisingly nicely!
  • A NEW BIKINI AT LONG LAST! I've been on the longest hunt to find a bikini which was A) cheap B) in my size C) nice! I seriously resent paying £20-£30 for a skimpy bit of material which fades after one dip in the pool. The top and bottoms were £3.75 each so I came away very happy :) It's a neon coral colour which I think blinded my camera a bit!
Both Primark
  • Two more pairs of coloured skinny jeans to add to my ever growing collection! I've always been a big fan of Primark jeans, I think they're just as good as the Topshop ones! I actually like that coral belt that came with the lilac pair too! I've never understood Primark's obsession with putting belts on everything...
Have you been to Primark recently? What did you get?

14 April 2012

Galaxy Night

Top: Topshop | Skirt: New Look | Heels: New Look | Clutch: Primark
I wore this out on Thursday night right after I'd been in London all day! Safe to same my feet were already aching before I even put my heels on! This is my newish galaxy top paired with my fail safe black tube skirt which I always wear on nights out - I think my friends must be sick of it! I actually took these photos when I ambled in at 3am so I'm looking a bit worse for wear and my curls have dropped massively! They were much more Kim Kardashian inspired before!

For my nails I tried out one of the WAH Nails design from my new book, I don't know what WAH put on the thumb though so I mixed it up with some leopard print :) I also rediscovered my love for Models Own 'Bubblegum' polish which is a neon pink, I think everyone needs it in their life! I think they turned out well but shortly after this photo was taken, I managed to whack them on the bathroom door and smudge some of them! #clumsy

I'm going to watch The Grand National soon - one of my Uncle's horses which he trains is running in it! I think you should all cheer on 'According to Pete' :D

12 April 2012

Wish List #19

Top | Brushes | Socks | Face Rings | Cross Rings | Colour Tattoo | Lush Bunny (I know Easter is over but he's cute!) | Pink Lipstick | Green Lipstick
If you're reading this, I'm most probably in London right now (if Blogger hasn't messed up with my scheduled post - ooo get me!) Here are a few, and I mean a few things I'm on the look out for today!

Mainly I'm off to London to hit up the Oxford Street Primark, there is sooo much I want from Primark it's unreal, I need to stop watching Primark hauls! I also want to go to H&M, Lush and a bigger Boots as there aren't any near me. Shopping in my town is pretty bad as apparently we're all "middle class snobs" so it's all just expensive stuff! Also, the train fare to London is so overpriced (even though it takes less than an hour) so I'm just stuck in this place, lol! I suppose I love it really though ;)
Hope you all have a lovely day!

10 April 2012

Easter Snaps

WAH Nail Art Book & Caviar Beads | Tired Kitty | Easter Nail Wheel | Epic Cake | Colourful Cake | Going down a Treat | £25 Topshop Jeans | My 'Easter Egg' | New Teddy? | USB SD Reader | Easter Craft 1 | Easter Craft 2 | Messiest Desk | Lost & Found: Hangers | Tidy Make Up Storage!
This is a bit of a one off post as I don't usually have a good selection of images to show you every week (if only I had Instagram!) 

On Friday, it was my brother's birthday so I attempted a six layer rainbow cake, except the ebay seller who I bought the special food colouring from sent me two of the wrong colours so I had to improvise a bit :\ It still went down well though! I used this recipe if you're interested!

I just realised there's a lack of chocolate in this post! I got a couple of Easter eggs but I asked my Mum for something else as I prefer to spend money on something I'm not just going to gobble up in a day, so I got this Topshop pastel skull bracelet instead! Anyone else hate spending money on food/drink?!

A pretty chilled weekend all in all apart from Monday when I had to tackle my pig sty of a bedroom - I'm still not finished! What did you get up to over Easter?

07 April 2012

DIY: Ciate Caviar Manicure

Nail polish company, Ciate recently launched their Caviar manicure which I jumped on as I can't resist anything to do with nail art! Except, I wasn't too keen on the £18 price tag! After watching the tutorial on the Ciate website I realised that Caviar beads are the same as micro beads, which quickly prompted an eBay search! Low and behold I found some micro beads for an extremely reasonable 99p with an additional 85p P&P. Which means my little manicure cost me just £1.84! You can work out the saving on that ;)

Firstly, choose your beads. I got mine from this seller, but there's a wider selection of colours here if you prefer. I went for a pale pink colour as I thought it would be nice for a wedding I'm going to next month!
Choose a base colour, I'm using Barry M's Strawberry Ice cream, it doesn't have to match I think a bright pink or even a pastel blue would look good with the pink beads! Apply your first coat of polish.
Find some kind of tray, I just picked up the first lid I found which happened to be the Harrods Glossybox lid! If you have any tupperware from the Chinese takeaway that would work well too!
Paint on a second coat of polish and place your hand over the tray to catch any of the beads. Whilst the polish is still wet, pour the micro beads all over the nail. Lightly press down on the beads to ensure they stick to the polish.
Once completely dry, seal just the tips with a top coat. Also repeat on all your other nails for a more wacky look! From your tray tip all the beads back into the tube and you're ready to go again. If you're still unsure then Ciate have a good video tutorial!
Hope you enjoyed!

04 April 2012

eBay vs Topshop

I was browsing eBay the other day when I came across this cross top which I'd been eyeing up in Topshop the week before, I was surprised at just how similar they were and how different the prices were! So I ended up searching for some more Topshop look-a-likes because to be honest I'm sick of how overpriced Topshop is! And that's the story of how this post came about!
Topshop pieces are on the left!

Glitter Crosses Tank, £18 | eBay version, £6.99

Burnout Flag Vest, £20 | eBay version, £6.99
Split Triangle Ring, £6.50 | eBay version, £3.75
XOXO Knitted Motif Jumper, £36 | eBay version, £9.99 (Also available in other colours!)
Peace Leggings, £22 | eBay version, £5.50
Does anything take your fancy? I think I'm going to get the cross top! I have a few other things on my eBay watch list so I think I might do a part two as this post is beginning to get a bit lengthy!

In other news, my SD card slot on my laptop has broken which means I can't get any pictures from my camera onto my laptop, but I have ordered a USB card reader (thanks to Roza!) so hopefully that will be here soon! So please bear with me if there's no photo posts for a while!

02 April 2012

Easter Nail Wheel

I've just finished my (first ever, I've just realised!) nail wheel! My wrist is aching now but I think it was worth it! Thinking of 18 different designs wasn't the easiest of tasks but now it means I'm spoilt for choice when it comes to painting my nails this coming weekend :) I think I'm going to go for a mix of lambs and bunnies!

Which is your favourite design?