31 May 2011

May Favourites

10. LINK
11. LINK
12. LINK
13. LINK
14. LINK
15. LINK
Pastel jeans, USA flag print tops and wonderfully crazy colour blocking are all calling me!

A few to follow:


28 May 2011

Wish list #9

My recent wishes have decreased as of late as it seems everything I set eyes on sells out in a bat of an eye, I spend my time chasing said product instead of sourcing new beautiful things! Also, my nearest Miss Selfridge has closed down (how odd?!) so no more pretty jewellery sales I can go and raid!
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1. (Jeans) Cheating slightly with this one as I actually ordered them last night! Last week I went into town to get the Topshop version but they didn't have any in stock. They don't even have them on the website any more either. #storyofmylife
2. Peach Melba ...Not that I need more nail polishes!
3. This may possibly be my new favourite scent, if you like Malibu (always my drink of choice!) then you'll enjoy this. 
4. I'm still on the search for some chunky heels! Missguided have some really nice ones but I'm worried they'll be too clompy on my feet especially as I have silly skinny ankles, hmm...

What's on your wish list?

25 May 2011

DIY Galaxy Print Top

I don't think I've seen any galaxy things in the shops but it seems to be floating round the blog world after the amazing Christopher Kane collection! I've also always wanted to do something galaxy like ever since I saw Effie's nail tutorial.

I remembered when one of my tutors at college was giving us a 'safety talk' on how we used bleach in the studio, she mentioned how a past student had put bleach into a spray bottle and squirted the bleach out to make a starry background on some black paper.. I of course wanted to try it :P I've also been thinking recently about starting up a little DIY series because I'm fed up of Topshop's crazy prices when it can easily be done at next to nothing! I've also just had a big clear out of clothes so everything seemed perfect really!

You will need:

  • A plain top. You can choose any colour but darker colours will work better as you'll be able to see the bleach more.
  • Bleach. I'm using Tesco Thick Bleach in Pinewood - the bleach should be undiluted.
  • A Spray Bottle. You can use any old bottle with a spray nozzle
  • A Sponge or Stencil Brush.
  • Fabric/Acrylic Paints. I'm using some pearlescent ones - colours are up to you!

  • Lay your top out flat on a suitable work surface. You definitely don't want to be spraying bleach all over the carpet! I did it outside so I didn't stink the house out, I probably should have put it on newspaper too... If your top is of thin material place some card in-between the front and back. 
  • Pour some bleach into your spray bottle, you don't need too much. Now randomly spray bleach all over your top. You can spray more in various areas for a more bleached effect or less if you just want a subtle galaxy.
  • Wait for the bleach to dry and repeat on the back if you want.
  • You could stop here if you wanted. Next I took my first coloured paint (blue) and used my stencil brush to dab it on I focused on making a sort of smokey, swirly shape. Be careful not to overload your sponge/brush with paint because you just want a faint colouring!
  • I took my second colour (pink) and worked it into another area, you can also overlap the other colour too. Repeat this step for your third colour and wait for it to dry.

  • Mine now looks like this :) I've decided that I'm going to cut the arms off later so I haven't added anything extra to them, I also haven't done the back yet either.  The paint is actually a lot more blended in real life, I was in direct sunlight!
  • I took my glitter glue to add some stars into the galaxy - you could use sequins, beads, diamanté jewels for a different effect, the possibilities are endless! I created lots of little dots of glitter in the more prominent splodges 

  •  And finally wait for those to dry and you're done! 

Hope you all enjoyed, stayed tuned for some more DIY! 

23 May 2011

Hounds tooth, a rabbit and a ladybird.

Just trying out a few new places and things for outfit posts, I don't think the front of my wardrobe is the most flattering at times! I really like my purple wall but I can only get this much in...
FOTD: Been liking brown on the outer corner and crease with a champagne wash and black eye liner :) 
Trying the 7/8ths rolled up trousers...
Love button up shirts/collars too much at the moment!
New brogues
Green wall?  
Dip Hem Blouse: New Look
Hounds tooth Skinnies: Primark (old)
Vintage Cardigan: Jaegar/Lily :)
School girl Socks: Asos
Brogues: Topshop
Ladybird Necklace/Clock: Topshop
Rabbit Ring: H&M
Scrabble Ring: eBay

-Excuse the creased shirt, it creases so easily - it hates the idea of a floordrobe! :D 
- Whenever I wear my Scrabble ring I always get complimented on it, usually from guys as well... Which I find quite odd, anyone else experienced some Scrabble ring love before?!
- Had a grand eBay selling marathon yesterday, I've been doing a lot of clearing out recently and 'letting go'. I might sell a few clothes, if I do I will post a link :)

One to follow: Roza

22 May 2011

One Hundred Things I Love #4

031. Indian Elephants
032. Getting home early
033. Warmth
034. Drawing
035. Peacocks
036. Curly Hair
037. The Harp
038. Red Lips
039. Frilly Socks
040. Fashion
Again all images were sourced from Tumblr.

Sorry for the second dose of pictures in a row, had a bit of a mental block. This was going to be an outfit post but all the pictures turned out pretty bad, may try again tomorrow.


19 May 2011

One Hundred Things I Love #3

021. Fairy Lights
022. Typography
023. Clean Sheets
024. Sunglasses
025. Piercings
026. Parcels
027. Russian Dolls
028. Peace
039. My Laptop
030. Independance

Images all from Tumblr.