31 March 2012

March Favourites

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Here are my favourites for March! There's a nice healthy dose of Summer in this mix - exactly what I like! Firstly, I've liked vertical graphic stripes and if they're teamed with another pattern, even better in my opinion!
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As I bought this galaxy print top last week, I've been sourcing various way to wear it.
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I love pretty feminine lace for the Summer, especially if it's pastel coloured.
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Colour blocking was quite big last S/S, but that doesn't deter me! I'm really into basics at the moment so a bit of colour blocking sets them off nicely. I love the idea of colour blocking pastels.
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I really like simple bold jewellery to add detail to an outfit. I think it'll look lovely in the Summer as it's very effortless and fuss free, I've spotted some pieces in H&M which I like!
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I bought a dip hem dress last month for a wedding I'm going to except I have to wait until May to wear it! So, for the time being I'm just going to have to sit and look at these :)

A few to follow:

Is there anything you liked a lot in March?

29 March 2012

Back to Basics

Top: Topshop | Jeans: Primark | Socks: Topshop | Brogues: Topshop | Necklace: Topshop | Ring: Accessorize

I got this little basic crop t-shirt from Topshop a while ago now and have been waiting to wear it, thanks to this rather beautiful weather I wore it yesterday. It always makes me laugh whenever I see it in my wardrobe or in Topshop as it looks like something from the children's section! I'm not the biggest fan of showing stomach so I plan to only wear it with high waisted items, I went for my trusty Primark jeans which must be about 4 or 5 years old now but I wear them all the time! The stitching and material has started to wear away at the knees, I'm going to be devastated when they finally give in!

I also wore my frilly socks for the first time, I love them! Slightly unsure of how to wear them with jeans, should I turn my jeans up or just have a bit of frill occasionally poking out when I sit down?! (In the picture I've hitched my jeans up a bit - for photo purposes!) Thoughts?

27 March 2012

Motel Rocks Inspired Rainbow Nails

I saw these amazing Motel rainbow jeans the other day and fell in love - Motel always do the nicest jeans! Unfortunately I don't think I could pull them off so some inspired nail art was the next best thing!

I'm now going to spend the rest of my Tuesday evening watching the last Big Fat Gypsy Weddings, painting an Easter nail wheel and moaning about my injured shoulder! Enjoy!

25 March 2012

A Few New Topshop Bits...

I got my mitts on a reasonably priced galaxy print top! Hooray :) It's even better as it's got Pegasus on it! It was £22, more than I'd like to pay for a top usually but Topshop has a tendency to do things like that to me! I justified it though as it's really unique and I have nothing like it in my wardrobe.
  The frilly pastel socks were much more reasonable, which were 3 for £8. I wanted the lilac pair too but they didn't have them in stock. I can't wait to wear these with brogues!
And lastly, my baby YSL Arty replica arrived! I bought it from ebay about 3 weeks ago from Hong Kong. I didn't mean for it to match the top but it turned out to be a nice coincidence!

Hope you've all had a lovely weekend in the sunshine!

23 March 2012

Wish list #18: River Island Sale

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The River Island Sale started online today so I thought I'd share some bargains with you! Because I really can't resist a bargain. I'm not the biggest fan of River Island if I'm honest, I think it's so hit and miss. I do always love their bags though. My favourite pieces from above are the dip dye jeans, the little mint dress and the lemon knit - all perfect for Spring!

Anything take your fancy?

21 March 2012

Pointy Triangular Aztec Nails

Wasn't sure what to call this nail design so I ended up going for a very hipster Tumblr title! Triangles AND aztec?! Hipsters eat your heart out...

I don't know how much you can tell but I've recently filed my nails quite pointy, (I just wish they would hurry up and grow!) So I wanted to accentuate the pointedness so I painted pretty thin coloured strips do each side to angle them off. I went for fail safe rainbow colours!
 You could easily stop there but I thought I'd go a step further. I'd recently seen these nails by Boom Nails and got inspired (thanks for the inspiration ^_^) and came up with these...
 So, what do you think?! Btw, I know this post is very claw-ish but it made the points seem more fierce :P

20 March 2012


Blouse: Republic | Cardigan: M&S | Jeans: Topshop | Shoes: Topshop | Bracelet: eBay | Lipstick: Barry M, Coral | Necklace: Dorothy Perkins | Spike Earrings (worn on collar): Topshop | Spike Ring: Topshop | Stone Ring: H&M

I'm posting this pretty late, but I did not expect to the little informal meeting I just had to go on for three hours (eurgh!) and I'm still none the wiser, oh well! Not much to report today really, apart from I'm trying out a different parting (off centre and messy?) I tried a centre parting the other day and my Mum pointed out that I looked 10. Just brill! I also filed my nails into witchy points and I can't wait to paint them tomorrow! 

Regarding the outfit, I felt so summery today! I did think twice about the coral shirt, but in the end I thought why not? I played around with several collar combinations before I settled on this one, I used a pair of gold spike earrings on the tips of the collar and a gold chocker underneath the collar! I'm definitely going to use more earrings to jazz up my shirt collars (be careful you don't go stabbing yourself though if you try it!) For some reason I also love the look of my studded loafers/slippers with these jeans, ankle grazers are the way forward I think!

Now off to watch Skins on 4od, I believe it's the finale?! Like everyone says, Skins will never be as good as the first series but I do still enjoy it!
EDIT: Nope, that wasn't the final episode!

16 March 2012

Ice Cream Nails

As I seem to lack pastel clothing (I don't know why this is?!) I have to make do with pastel nail varnishes! I've spied a few pastel knits on the New Look website, so maybe a cheeky trip to town is in order!
I'm off now to go and paint some 'Cath Kidston inspired' nails! But before I go, have you heard about MAC changing their animal testing policy? I think it's awful that in this day and age, with huge advances in technology that companies feel the need to test on animals. I'm pretty sure that if budget brands can manage without it, a high end make up brand can too.

Leave your thoughts! Enjoy your Friday evening :)

14 March 2012

DIY: Glitter Peter Pan Collar

I've been meaning to do this DIY for a good few weeks now but I never got round to it. I'm really pleased how it turned out because I though it might be a bit of a flump!

You Will Need:
- A Paintbrush 
- A Pen 
- A Peter Pan Collared Top or a Template 
- Felt
- Glitter
- Nail Scissors
- Pins
- PVA Glue
- Ribbon 
- Scissors
- Tracing Paper/Greaseproof Paper

Firstly, find your template. I'm drawing around an existing PP collar but if you don't own one you could use this template or this one. Take your greaseproof paper or tracing paper and trace around one half of the collar. Then cut it out.
Fold your felt in half and pin on your template (it's important to fold it in half, so you'll get two identical shapes!). Place the centre of collar next to the the fold.
As you can see I also extended the collar a bit, just to make it look a little more shapely!
Go ahead and cut out the collar, except, when you reach the centre point, make sure you don't cut the fold. Instead, leave a little extra. (Hopefully the picture shows it better than I explain it!)
Remove the pins and the template and open up the felt, and you should be looking at something like this!
Start painting on a nice layer of PVA or fabric glue onto your collar.
And now for the fun part! Sprinkle on a good helping of glitter :) (It's best if you match your felt to your glitter colour but I didn't have enough black felt left!)
Leave it to dry overnight and in the morning shake off all the glitter. For extra hold, spray the glitter with some hair spray!
Now it's dry, hopefully yours will look like this! If it's looking a bit patchy, you might want to go over it again with another layer of glue and glitter. Then take your nail scissors and ribbon...
Pierce and make a hole at the top of the collar with the nail scissors and then thread the ribbon through each side. Tie knots in the end so they don't slip out.
Cut the ribbon to your desired length and you're pretty much done! Mine needs a but of touching up here and there but you get the idea!
Hope you enjoyed, let me know if you try it! :)

11 March 2012

Colour Crush: Electric Blue

Blouse | Hoodie | Zip Top | Striped Shorts | Shorts | Jeans | Skirt | Rucksack | Heels | Clutch | Shoes | Belt | Tights | Nail Polish 1 | Nail Polish 2 | Ring
Amongst all the pastels, I've noticed electric blue nails seem to be a trend for this Spring, which prompted me to wear my Missguided electric blue jeans the other day, which in turn reminded me of how much I like the colour as I think it's something you can wear throughout the year!
Do you own any electric blue items?
P.s I'm now on Hellocotton and Bloglovin' if you don't use GFC anymore!

09 March 2012

Spiked & Scalloped

Jumper: Mum's | Shirt: DIY | Skirt: Fashion Union | Shoes: Topshop | Bracelet: eBay | Ring: Topshop Sale | Ear Cuff: ASOS Sale | Nail Wraps: Topshop 

I wore this last week at some point. (I can't remember when - didn't get round to posting it on the day!) Shamefully, this is the first time I've worn this skirt even though I've had it for well over a year! I love the little cut out detail and the scalloped edge. I was going for the 'tough' vibe, there's a lot of spikes and studs going on but I think the pink jumper breaks it down and doesn't make it too much - I hope anyway!

This is another one of my Mum's jumpers, I think I only own one jumper because there's no point in buying any when my Mum has enough woolly jumpers to open a shop!

I think I'm going to go and make some pancakes now :) How are you starting your weekend?

07 March 2012

Mismatched Nails

Just filling you in on my latest nail designs! I would've liked to do a tutorial like I usually do but I ended up being in a rush, I swear no matter how much time I set aside for myself I'm always rushing around at the last minute! Is anyone else like this?
This is sort of a favourites mix really. I think the little black cross on the Barry M silver foil effects looks really effective - almost like a piece of jewellery! I recently discovered black polka dots over a nude/light coloured nail polish, I find this looks really sophisticated. I saw the hypnotic design on Tumblr the other day and of course had to try it!
I popped into Sainsburys today at lunch and saw that Cosmopolitan magazine had Clinqiue freebies with it, so I felt obliged to pick one up! Just a little heads up if you didn't know!
I also got my little Hello Kitty piggy bank which I painted back from the ceramics place I went to a few weeks ago! She's completely ready for Spring :)

Apologies for the all over the place blog post! I'm really tired - I think maybe all this jitteryness is a sign that it's time for bed. Sweet dreams!