30 December 2011

Golden Dalmatian

Top: Primark | Cardigan: M&S | Skirt: New Look | Tights: Primark | Shoes: Topshop | Necklace: Topshop 

This is what I wore shopping with a friend today, I was a bit hesitant as it's a bit 'officey' but I thought I'd just go with the flow! Today was the first time I've worn my bargain £1.50 Topshop collar necklace (reduced from £14!!!) I find it quite difficult to style. It was also the first time I've worn my dalmatian top... Can I ask what is wrong with Primark sizing?! I can only just get it over my boobs.. That NEVER happens.

I was also realised just how much hair I actually have. (See third picture!) My hair used to be really fine when I was younger, now look at it!

New Years Eve tomorrow, what is everyone doing? I've no plans, I'm hoping something last minute will pop up but I doubt it. I'll probably just pig out and watch Youtube videos... Definitely don't fancy paying to get into Wetherspoons like last year.. Scandalous!

28 December 2011

December Favourites

Decided not to do 'Blogmas' today because I feel the Christmas spark has now gone! Also this post doesn't really have any relevance to Christmas...
01. I like the chunky Burgundy knit and I wouldn't mind having her hair either.
02. My love for anything dalmatian goes on.
03. I fancy DIY'ing a collar like this - I've done something similar before but I much prefer the black.
04. Deep down I've always fancied a leopard print coat but my mum would probably call me a hooker if I ever wore one!
05. This is probably my favourite outfit. If anyone knows where I can get hold of that skirt please let me know? 
06. I love the simple shirt paired with the studded clutch.
07. I think red and a dash of leopard print always compliment each other beautifully. I adore the shoes.
08. Again, if anyone knows where I can get this skirt in a size 6/8 (it's from H&M but it's sold out now) please let me know!
09. This outfit is cute. I should wear my thigh high socks more often.
10. Serious bag and jewellery crush. I like the fur collar too.
Which was your favourite outfit? What have you liked this month?

27 December 2011

Blogmas Day 7: Gifts

I've been enjoying watching everybody's Christmas gifts videos and reading blog posts today, so I thought I'd share mine. I was pretty overwhelmed by the amount of make up I received - I'm trying to cut down! You might have guessed, my favourite present is probably the MAC winter face kit, it's just so pretty! I also love my rabbit make up bag, which I believe is in the River Island sale now.

I squealed with delight when I saw the Juicy Couture bag, in it was Viva La Juicy and the Hello Kitty nail varnish, all the way from America which my Dad picked up for me! Very pleased with the PG Tips monkey mug too (I collect the monkeys!) and my beautiful studded Topshop vectras.

Please link your videos/blog posts of what you got for Christmas below - I'd love to see!

26 December 2011

Blogmas Day 6: Boxing Day OOTD

 Jumper: Topshop | Leggings: New Look | Shoes: Topshop | Necklace: Primark

Hey guys! I hope you all had a brilliant Christmas and that Father Christmas was extra generous this year ;) I received some lovely gifts and overall had a great day. This is my very chilled, cosy outfit for today. My mum and I hit the sales this morning - I wasn't too impressed by their offerings to be honest, except Boots who always have a good sale! Speaking of sales, I've been trying to get on that darn Lush website since 4pm yesterday. It's really not looking hopeful...

One of my presents were the Topshop studded loafers, they don't really go with the leggings and my feet were cold but they're just beeeeeautifuuuul! I don't think my family are too keen on them though, oh well!

Also, do you like the snow effect on my pics?! It's pretty naff but I couldn't resist! Happy Boxing Day everyone!

24 December 2011


It's Christmas Eve! Yaaay! I hope you all have a wonderful, joy filled day - may all your Christmas wishes be granted and eat until your stomach is content :) Thank you all for reading my blog, it means a lot.

...And even if you don't celebrate Christmas.. Have a lovely day! :) Much love, stay safe.

22 December 2011

Blogmas Day 4: Gingerbread Train

I picked up this gingerbread train kit from Hobbycraft a few weeks back, I really resist it! I got around to making it today, I'm not sure how long gingerbread lasts etc?

I love how mine looks nothing like the box! They never do though I suppose. Also, I've just noticed they're currently in the sale. They do a house as well as a sleigh I do believe! Gosh, I'm feeling peckish after editing this post!

21 December 2011

Blogmas Day 3: Kittens!

I'm currently 'kittensitting' these two cuties! They're only 8 or 11 weeks old (can't remember which!) and I have them until Christmas Eve :) Unfortunately the photos aren't great due to lack of light and how fast the little blighters are, but I thought you'd enjoy them anyway!
Just can't wait to see what's in the Glossybox!

They don't have names yet so if you'd like to suggest any then go ahead! (They're both girls)

20 December 2011

Blogmas Day 2: Cheeky Purchases

Today, I'm sharing with you those cheeky pre Christmas purchases you all know you shouldn't buy, but you do! Generally, justified with '...But it's Christmas!' Pretty sure we've all been there before.
Snowflake Leggings: New Look
OOTD coming soon!
Pants: Rampant Sporting
Couldn't resist 30% off, and look how gorgeous the bag is!
Cat Ears Ring: eBay
My mum puts crackers on the Christmas Tree for my brother I and here's what came out!
Tights: Primark
Finally got some starry tights :) I've heard a lot about the Super Cosy ones too so I thought I'd pick them up.
Bracelet: Olympia Horse Show stall
Gotta love a knock off. Saved me massive bucks!
Necklace: Primark
I've wanted one of these for a long time now. It was a bit of a steal at £4, considering it actually works too :D
Top: Primark
This was just too cute to pass up. Officially love dalmatians!
What are you naughty last minute purchases?