28 July 2012

A/W Outfit #1

Even though it's still Summer (ahem!) I've been thinking about autumn and winter outfits for a good few months now! Even more so now with autumn pieces starting to creep into shops and the truly British weather we've had!

I went a bit OTT with all the gold studs/detailing but those boots were just too gorgeous not to add! £80 is usually more than I'd spend on a pair of boots but if you wanted the Chloe ones then they're just a fraction of the price.

I'm waiting for the shirt to hopefully go in the sale, £36 is just a bit too much for me when it comes to a pretty simple shirt! Le sigh. ...If I had all the money in the world!
What's your favourite piece?

26 July 2012

Floral Pleats

Dress: Next (old) | Shoes: Primark | Bracelet: Topshop | Sunglasses: New Look | Nails: Models Own 'Lemon Meringue' 

I'm so excited to be posting my first ever outfit pictures from my new camera! You can see how drastic the change in quality is from my last outfit post! I'm still playing around with the numerous settings and effects, I'm discovering something new everyday. My favourite feature so far is definitely 'Live mode', you can connect the camera up to your laptop so you can see how well the picture's going to come out and where you're pointing the camera - makes outfit posts much easier and you don't have to faff around uploading the pictures as they can go straight onto your computer! Also makes me feel like I'm on BINTM ;) Who's been watching it?

I've had this dress for years now but it still makes an appearance every Summer. I love the pleats and vintagey feel to it, it's light and airy too. I really wanted to wear it with brogues and frilly socks but it's far too hot for socks! Instead I went for my Primark studded loafers which I was ecstatic to find as they only cost £10 rather than the £28 Topshop ones!  

Off to go and catch some more rays (I have some cray cray tan lines) and then take a new set of outfit pictures :)

24 July 2012

eBay vs Topshop #12

What a glorious day! This week on eBay I've found some great items for A/W, which are pretty inappropriate for our little heatwave, whoops. I'm most definitely still stuck in those endless rainy days we had! Nonetheless, I'm sure Autumn will all pop up on us much sooner than expected!
Jewel Cross Vest, £28 | eBay version, £7.99
Skull Racerback by Illustrated People, £35 | eBay version, £15
MOTO Premium Tencel Skirt, £34 | eBay version, £18.69
PU Stretch Leggings, £32 | eBay version, £6.99
Studded Fingerless Gloves, £22| eBay version, £3.99
KITCH2 Patent Lace Up Shoes, £55 | eBay version, £11.99

21 July 2012

Trying On

Top: Primark | Skirt: Primark (old) | Shoes: Topshop | Cat Bracelet: New Look | Spike Bracelet: eBay | Nails: Models Own 'Beach Party' and 'Bubblegum'

After my shopping trip to London last week, I had a little trying on session - Oxford Street Primark changing rooms are a massive no no, so it's just routine! I really like this top (I have the parrot one too) but this one just doesn't seem to sit right. The heart is quite stiff and doesn't hang well, which is a shame. 

The skirt is really old now and I was trying to decide whether or not to keep it. I ended up making an outfit out of the two and thought I might as well snap a few pictures. Should I keep the skirt?

I best be off now as I'm going out for dinner soon and I still have a towel on my head! Have a good Saturday night whatever you're doing :)

19 July 2012


On Tuesday, I waved goodbye to my teenage years.. I can't quite believe I'm 20! It just so happened that the Olympic torch was coming through my town on my birthday so that sorted out my birthday quite nicely! So nice of them to celebrate my b'day like that, muhahaha ;)
I was inundated with CAKEEE. My Granny made me a strawberry one for a birthday lunch, my friend made me the messy chocolate cake which fell apart in her car and my Mum got me some cupcakes and a cream cake (my favourite!) Oh, and lets not forgot the honeycomb cheesecake I had at Prezzo in the evening! 
My patriotic red, white and blue outfit. My new camera/baby - which most annoyingly you can now get on Buyapowa and new camera strap! My other baby. Still keeping it classy at the age of 20.
Playing with my new camera! I got these make up bits in London last week, I treated myself and invested in 'Pale Barley' eye shadow as I think it's the shade the Urban Decay Naked palette is missing! 
Jewel Britannia by Barry M | I found the famous Topshop lipstick in Crystal! I thought it was long gone. If you're still looking for one go to the new beauty hall at John Lewis on Oxford Street, they had a few left :) | Last but certainly not least, yesterday, after two years, I got my braces OFF! :D

I also got a quilted jacket for my birthday and a few other little bits, all of which I am extremely thankful for :) Not a bad birthday!

15 July 2012

Wish List #22 | A - Z

American Apparel Nail Polish | Bourjois Nail Polish Remover | Canon 1100D | Daisy Perfume | Eclipse Nail Polish | Fix + Spray | Glamping Bracelet | Henna Cones | Innocent Lipstick | Jumper | Kitty ShoesLoafers

Make up Storage | Nail Strengthener | Open Shoulder Top | Paul's Boutique Coin Purse | Queen of Green Nail Polish | Red Liquid Eye Liner | Studded Tote | Today's Outfit Top | Union Jack Lip Tattoo | Vibrant Glitter Ballet Pumps | Wildfox Jumper |  YSL ClutchZara Studded Clutch
Argh, somewhere along the line my picture quality decreased lots! There's a few things on this list I've already bought as I started working on this wish list before I went to London - probably wasn't the wisest idea! Alsooo, it's someone's birthday on Tuesday ;)

I cheated a bit on the letter X but I was completely stuck! Some of the names of the products are a bit odd too - I know it looks like I've made them up! Haha. The ombre jumper, the spiked loafers and the kitty shoes are the things I want most so maybe you'll be seeing those in the future!

12 July 2012


Top: Topshop Sale | Skirt: H&M | Tights: Primark | Rings: H&M | Lips: 'Powder Room' | Nails: 'Bubblegum' & 'Beach Party'

I was so pleased to spot this top in the Topshop sale the other day! I snapped it up straight away as I'd contemplated buying it for full price before. I was worried it'd be a a bit 'Halloweeny' but I think the skeletons are cute enough for it not to be. I really like the cut out shoulders and have since bought another cut out shoulder top (outfit soon!) I paired it with my H&M skirt, which is usually reserved for nights out as it's so short! When I bought it I didn't realise it was high waisted! I wore super thick tights with it - basically leggings with feet, and my Converse which I can't get enough of at the moment. 

Not much to report for today, I'm going to start packing later as I'm going camping tomorrow - Rain, if you're reading this GO AWAY NOW! ...I keep watching and looking up the weather but it doesn't seem to be changing any time soon. Looks like another weekend of wearing a waterproof poncho - a.k.a a bin bag as my waterproof can't handle this much rain. Oh so glam.
P.s. Does anyone know how to get rid of those stupid lines in my last photo? 

10 July 2012

eBay vs Topshop #11 | Rule Britannia

With the Olympics just over two weeks anyway, I've been looking for some patriotic clothing to wear, here's what I found!
Knitted Union Jack Jumper, £46 | eBay version, £7.99

MOTO Floral Union Jack Bralet, £25 | eBay version, £6.49
Henry Holland Union Jack Tights, £15 | eBay version, £5.95
Union Jack Nail Wraps by Nail Rock, £6.50 | eBay version (nail wraps or lip tattoo), £1.95
Hope you enjoyed the patriotic theme this week! 
Also, if you liked my nail art from my last post, the voting has begun so if you like, head over here and click the like button. Thank you :)

08 July 2012

BBLOGGERS UNITE: Summer Nail Art Challenge

I haven't posted any nail art for ages so when I saw a nail art challenge on Twitter I knew I had to have a go! And, for once my nails all seem to be the same shape and haven't broken yet *touch wood*

So, on my right hand I did a beach scene and on my left I did all the good things that come along with the beach.. Mainly food ;)
Products used!
China GlazeSea Spray | Starboard
Barry MStrawberry Ice Cream | Yellow | Blueberry Ice Cream | Cobalt Blue | Coral | Retro Coral | Berry Ice Cream
eBay Nail Art PensRed | Brown | Black | Orange | Purple
Models OwnLemon Meringue
Topshop: Big Smoke
Max FactorDisco Pink
No 7Snowflake

Soo, that's a lot more nail polish than I realised! If you want to take part in the competition, all the rules are here but I'd hurry up if I were you.. The competition closes at midnight tonight!

Which nail is your favourite?

EDIT: Voting has now begun on their facebook page, I'd really appreciate it if you could click the like button on my design :) Thank you! xx

05 July 2012

All Star

Top: New Look | Skirt: Topshop | Shoes: Office Sale | Necklace: Topshop Sale | Nails: Models Own 'Beach Party' & 'Bubblegum' | Lips: Mac 'Creme Cup'

I never expected I would like this t-shirt so much! I bought it for when I went camping, thinking it wouldn't matter if it got ruined. It only cost me £4 as New Look had 20% off when I got it, but I wish I'd gone for the other deal which was buy 2 for £6! It's a lovely airy, blue marl which adds a bit of texture to your outfit and adds a bit more to your basic t-shirt.

I also underestimated how much I'd enjoy my new Converse too! I've wanted a pair for ages but wasn't sure if I'd get that much wear out of them, I then spied this pair on the Office website in the sale for £25, with free delivery and I just couldn't resist! Reduced from £42 as well! Bargaaaain.

I'll always remember that stir Lily Allen caused when sure wore trainers with a dress, so I was a bit sceptical about the Converse and the skirt but I think I worked it! (Hopefully anyway!)

03 July 2012

eBay vs Topshop #10 & River Island Sale Picks

Hey guys!
If you're wondering where the usual Topshop vs eBay post is, you can find it right here on Liya's blog! Liya asked me if I'd like to do a guest post and I didn't see why not - especially as I've not done one before! Here's a little peak if you're interested :)
See more here!
To make this a more substantial post I thought I'd add some more bargains I've been looking at. The River Island sale started this morning (I didn't go - to avoid spending money!) but I've browsed several times! These are my top picks..

Dress 1 | Dress 2 | Flag Shorts | Spot Shorts | Ice Cream Shorts | Make up Bag | Headband | Top | Arm Cuff | Sunglasses | Sandals
Did you get anything from the River Island sale?