30 October 2011


As I mentioned in my last post, I managed to win some BINTM tickets from 30 Days of Fashion and Beauty courtesy of Revlon (thank you!) I had a good time, I loved going round all the little stalls with amazing freebies and offers, I wasn't really amazed by the catwalk but it was still good but maybe that's because we were sitting at the very back! Sorry for the bad pictures, my camera can't handle things like that!

The pictures of the make up above are from Jelly Pong Pong, who were doing such an amazing deal - Eyelashes, mascara, shadow and two lip glosses for just £2.50! I actually have two sets of these because they were doing 2 for £5 as I guess they just wanted to get rid of them. I might do a giveaway if anyone is interested? The packaging is just so ridiculously cute.

Cosmopolitan and Company magazine were doing a goodie bag which had a sample of Viva La Juicy in it which I've wanted to try for ages! I also signed up to Elemis and got some pretty decent samples. I had a henna tattoo done, it's developed properly now so it's not as orangey any more! Stargazer were having a 3 for £5 offer on nail polishes which obviously I couldn't resist, check out the highlighter yellow, haha!

Finally, a few snaps of the outfit I wore, I look a bit bedraggled as I took them when I got in from London. It looks kinda boring but I did have more accessories on but they came off as soon as I walked in the door!

Hope you all had a good weekend and Halloween! Halloween post coming soon :)

26 October 2011


Jumper: Primark | Skirt: Primark | Cuff: Gift from Sophfe :) | Feather Hair Extensions: Feather Ray

Here's the outfit I wore yesterday, featuring a couple of recent purchases. It's also one of those ~ all Primark ~ outfits which I'm guilty of doing quite a lot! I snapped up this little skater skirt because it's exactly like the Topshop one which I wanted ever since I saw Katharine wearing it. It only cost £10 so that saved me a rather nice £24!

I also realised that I've never show you my feather hair extensions which I got nearly two weeks ago! They're quite subtle (I got the warm neutrals mix) and I can hide them in my mop of hair if needs be or pull them to the front. As I said, I've had them in about two weeks now and they still look as good as new. I wasn't completely sure about the whole feather hair extension thing at first if I'm honest, but after lots of research and a 20% discount code hours later I thought I might as well. Now, I wouldn't mind a whole head of them!

Lastly, is anybody going to Britain and Ireland's Next Top Model on Friday? I managed to win a pair of tickets!

24 October 2011

Sunday Summary #5

Sunday springs round again! Apologies for not blogging much this week - sometimes there just isn't much to blog  about! I have a few ideas for the next few weeks though so hopefully I'll be on fine form ;D ...Expect a couple of wish lists and then maybe a couple of cheeky new purchases! I still haven't posted one from about three weeks ago also.

1. Garnier BB Cream samples, I do love a good freebie!
2. Another freebie - Burberry Body Perfume. Nothing too special imo.
3. Stacks of false nails ~ exciting!
4. Sneak peek of my new winter coat, whole post dedicated towards it soon :)
5. Anyone else spot the Mock Croc Nail Effects in the Barry M catalogue this week? I'm dying to know if I can get it elsewhere, they've kept it very quiet!
6. Failing at cards.

Other highlights included: Lots of X Factor watching (why is Frankie still in?! He makes me want to vom, an actual walking STD!) I also found out my Dad is off the America soon, any recommendations on American make up?

17 October 2011

One Hundred Things I Love #7

061. The Beach
062. Chocolate
063. Funky Tights
064. Clocks
065. Pastel Colours
066. Cheese!
067. Pancakes
068. Shabby Chic
069. Stars and Stripes
070. Crazy Shoes
All above images from Tumblr.

12 October 2011

Wish List #12

Blue Stone Ring | Polar Bear Ring | Panther Cuff | Snake Ear Cuff | Star Ear Cuff | Collar Necklace | Fox Earrings | Jewelled Ear Spike | Glasses & Moustache Necklace
I felt I was long overdue a wish list, and couldn't help but notice all the exceptionally lovely jewellery they have in Topshop at the minute. I'm definitely going to try and get these in the sale - I only pay the full price for Topshop jewellery if I really want it because it's all so ridiculously overpriced!

Any jewellery you've got your eye on at the moment?

09 October 2011


Top: Primark | Shorts: Punkyfish | Shoes: Primark | Hair Bow: Topshop | Nails: Barry M, Silver Foil

These shorts are probably about four years old now - way before the time of the much sought after Motel jeans, I love digging out things like these! I bought them when I had my little Punkyfish obsession, they also came in a skinny jean version which I wanted too but I knew I'd never be brave enough to rock them.  

I snapped these photos of my outfit the other day, before it got ridiculously cold. You know (or I know) when winter is on it's way when your hands have a deathly chill to them all day and you're apprehensive about leaving you're cosy bed! On second thoughts, that could just be my laziness :P. Yep, I'm back to my knits and onesies for the coming months.

I just thought I'd quickly mention as well that I'm making lots of changes (mostly behind the scenes) to my blog, just to make it easier to navigate etc. So, if you see anything out of the ordinary that's why (:

Hope you had a good weekend!

06 October 2011

Sweet Treats

A rather long time ago, I received a gorgeous package from the lovely Georgie :) I entered her 'Sweet Treats' giveaway and managed to win out of a whopping 105 entries! Georgie certainly wasn't lying when she stated sweet treats - here's what I got:

I did have pictures of all the pretty packaging and card but then my Dad decided to delete them off the camera - cheers Dad, much appreciated!

Thank you ever so much (again!) Georgie, I've been lucky enough to try out some really lovely products which I wouldn't usually get the chance to. My favourites are probably the Sleek Pout Paints - if you're thinking about purchasing one, go for it!