28 June 2012

What Happened In June

As June soon draws to a close I realised that it's been quite a busy month! I anticipate July will be even busier though! I don't usually do these Instagrammy posts as I'm boring and always forgot to take pics but I've got quite a bit to share so I thought you might like to see :)
Breakfast at Gatwick | Duty Free! | Guernsey beach 
And again | Jubilee 21 Gun Salute | Candles
 Little Chapel | Inside | Made entirely from bits of pottery!

Made a phone case, here | Sleepy Selma | Finally got some Real Techniques brushes!
Tiny elephant candles | Cupcake candle holder | Tomato pom pom
Guernsey cow and donkey fridge magnets | Freshwater pearl bracelet | Hair feathers are back in
Mum's vintage satchel | Dip Dye | Tesco's changed the vodka bottles?!
New shoes which I've wanted forever | OOTN | Make up
Blue Lagoon | Much more organised | Comfiest hoodie
Looking for Birthday presents | The best gift - an electric fly swatter! | Boots splurge
New favourite polish | New Converse | Sunbathing kitty
I won Molly's giveaway! | I don't want to burn this | Should post this ootd soon
Hope you enjoyed this post, I nearly gave up after Photobucket just refused to upload my pictures properly! (A couple are still dodgy) I ended up making a new account!

26 June 2012

eBay vs Topshop #9

MOTO Contrast Stud Hotpants, £35 | eBay version, £18
Camo Army Jacket, £48 | eBay version, £22.50
Glitter Peace Vest, £18 | eBay version, £5.99
Tuesday again! Been busy this time round working not only on this post but also guest blogging another eBay vs Topshop post. Gotta dash, all this hard work is making me hungry! Let me know your favourite piece :)

24 June 2012

Wish list #21

Jumper | Shirt | Dungarees | Skirt | Earrings | Cuff Bracelets | OPI Minis | Models Own
The day I post this wishlist is the day I also decide it's time for a short spending ban. Doesn't really bode well does it? I'm going to London three times in July which only means one thing, spending

I'm so tempted to buy that shirt, but £36 is so much for such a basic shirt! I'm already planning my A/W wardrobe though and that shirt is part of it, still don't know if that justify's it though..

I saw the bunny print skirt in the 'last chance to buy' (in a 14) section in Topshop the other day, I'd not seen it in the flesh before so had no idea just how cute it was! Looks like it's sold out everywhere now!

I'm currently falling in love with orange nail polishes, I have Barry M's Coral on my toes and Peach Melba on my fingers - I think it's time to add a neon into my collection! 

Hope you had a good weekend! 

22 June 2012


Top: Primark | Riding Pants: H&M | Shoes: Topshop | Spike Ring: Topshop Sale | Stone Ring: H&M (old) | Pastel Rings: Primark | Bracelets: Jack Wills, eBayLinks | Nails: Ciate, Bon Bon | Hair dye: Stargazer | Lips: Mac, Creme Cup

I wore this on Wednesday when we had a little day of sunshine, although I ended up whipping on a pair of shorts for a spot of sunbathing on my trampoline (who needs a sun lounger?!) I underestimated how warm it actually was as I had tan lines in under 20 minutes! I now have a rather fetching band across my stomach accompanied by a pair of white shorts!

I picked up this top in Primark not so long ago for just £4! I really love these mirrored prints which seem to be around at the moment, they remind me of the outfit photos some bloggers do. They had lots of other  versions of it too if parrots aren't your thing! I think I'm going to dress it up and wear it out tomorrow night - I'll try and do an outfit post.

Also wearing my H&M riding pant dupes after waiting weeks for them to arrive. I somehow managed to split the crotch - oh how delightful - I actually despair when comes to H&M.

It's quite subtle but I dip dyed my hair red! I had some dye sitting around so I figured I might as well use it. I wanted to ombre my hair about a year and a half a go but I wasn't keen on bleaching my hair and then before I knew it everyone and their mum had done it! I've had quite a few compliments on it, and people have asked if I've had it done at the hairdressers! :o
Enjoy your weekend!

19 June 2012

eBay vs American Apparel

Thought I'd switch it up a bit this week! When things become predictable they tend to get boring; don't worry though the usual Topshop version will be back next week :) American Apparel is my target this week, even more overpriced and much more basic although I hear the quality is much better... 
Stripe Thigh-High Sock, £20 | eBay version, £1.97
Natural Denim Circle Skirt, £38 | eBay version, £7.99
The Disco Pant, £70 | eBay version, £13.95
Unisex Flex Fleece Zip Hoodie, £40 | eBay version, £9.95
Cotton Spandex Sleeveless Turtleneck Crop Top, £23 | eBay version, £3.99
It's also worth mentioning that I think everything I posted above comes in a variety of colours too!

17 June 2012

DIY: Decoden Phone Case

I've wanted a blinged out decoden phone case ever since I laid eyes on them! I've never seen a ready made one for my phone before and couldn't justify forking out about £20/5 for a custom made one.

So, after some research, I found out the technique was called 'Decoden' and the large plastic pieces are called Cabochons. So with that, I did a lot of research into finding out the cheapest Decoden deal (in the UK - I can never be bothered to wait 3 weeks for it to arrive!) I ended up finding this Etsy seller whose kits are just over £10. So all you need now is a phone case (look on eBay!) and some superglue (head down to poundland) and you're away!
Phone case before the DIY | Decoration from here

  • Start by sanding your phone case down (with sandpaper) to give it a rough texture, this will help the cabochons and the gems to stick to the case. 
  • Lay out all the big pieces you want to use in the position you want them. Then super glue them down.
  • Start filling in the empty space with lots of rhinestones - I forgot to mention this project requires a lot of patience!

  • Keep going.. Keep going!
  • Depending on your phone colour/colour of your case you might want to use nail varnish to stop (in my case, black) phone from showing through. It makes your case look a bit dull. I chose a neon pink polish just to fill in the gaps. Paint it on the inside of the case.

Taaa daa! It's bling central but I love it! It gets mixed reactions - "Oh my God, your phone is amazinggg! Make me one!" or "Oh. Right. That's... nice." Oh well, each to their own!
What do you think of it?!

14 June 2012

Primark A/W 12

That time of year again! I always get super excited whenever I see Look magazine tweet about the latest Primark releases and today was no exception! Primark's collection for the upcoming Autumn and Winter (yes, I know - where's Summer?!) is full of crazy printed trousers, bouclé and sheer shirts - all topped off with masculine crombie coats.
Above are a selection of my favourites from the new collection, the third look from the first image is my favourite look and the white cut-out sequin collar shirt is my favourite piece! I'm really looking forward to seeing what else Primark brings out, I'd like to see a lot of these pieces in different colours. 

There's to be a lot of 'inspired by' pieces in the collection, like these shoes (Primark's answer to the Topshop vectras), some glittery Dr Martens, and I'm sure I've seen these in Zara..?

To view all the 93 pages (oh yes!) of the collection, click here!
What are your thoughts?

12 June 2012

eBay vs Topshop #8 | Pastels

Little Butterfly Cutout Shirt, £32 | eBay version, £16.50
Sultry High Platform Courts, £65 | eBay version, £22.99 (lots of other colours too!)
Lace Collar Pleat Swing Top, £32 | eBay version, £9.09
MOTO Neon Hotpants, £22 | eBay version, £7.99
Bandeau Peplum Dress by Oh My Love, £35 | eBay version, £11.99
Long time no blog! I was hoping to get a few more posts up sooner but I didn't anticipate how tired I'd be after a week of rainy camping in Guernsey (with no internet, or even electricity may I point out!) I'm back into my routine now so all should be back to normal as of now! 

I'd also just like to say a big hello to my new readers! I believe Lucy sent you? And of course a big hello to all my other readers too :) 

Let me know what you got up to over half term?

07 June 2012

Dip Dye

Top: New Look | Shirt: New Look | Jeans: Primark | Necklace & Rings: Topshop Sale | Bracelet: eBay | Lips: Powder Room | Nails: Here

Haha, so much attitude in the middle photo! I apologise. My camera is on it's last legs so any picture in focus is a contender for the blog! I picked up this top from New Look the other day, it was an impulse buy but I'm loving it so far! I was slightly worried it would look a bit too scruffy as the hem is just hacked off but I paired it with a collared shirt to smarten it up a bit. It's also super for lounging around the house in! I love how warm and summery the colours are and I now want every dip dyed item I see in shops!

I don't think I've ever shown my (not so new any more) piercing! It's in the middle of my ear/bottom of my cartilage (see second to last picture) it seems to be healing well and of course I'm already planning my next one ;) 


05 June 2012

eBay vs Topshop #7 | Jewellery

I got a bit stuck on what to post exactly but I figured jewellery's a safe bet! I'm a massive fan of Topshop jewellery but it's so overpriced - usually I wait until it all goes in the sale a pick up some super bargains!
Comb chain hanger, £8.50 | eBay version, £3.99
3 Band Link Chain Rings, £8.50 | eBay version, £1.99
Collar Tips, £14 | eBay version, £2.90 (numerous designs!)
Trail Feather Ear Cuff, £7.50 | eBay version, £1.99
Glasses and Moustache Necklace, £10 | eBay version, £3.59
Multi Colour Skull Ring, £7.50 |  eBay version, £2.99
Cube ring, £8.50 | eBay version, £2.29
As I said above, I got a little stuck for idea this week so if you have any themes/items you might like to see leave them below! :)