31 March 2011

March Favourites

Pretty random selection, all bookmarked over the past month from Lookbook.nu, apart from this one. A consistent theme of funky tights/leggings going on. How amazing is that moustache top also?!

30 March 2011

Hello Kitty Nails

T-Shirt: MAC Hello Kitty range
Jeans: Primark
Bracelet: MAC cosmetics Hello Kitty range
Diamanté Hair Bow - Accessorize

As usual I got a bit carried away and couldn't just leave it at the nails.. I haven't worn this top or these jeans for months, it's always nice to find something you haven't worn for a while. I think this Barry M Strawberry Icecream could possibly be my favourite nail polish, I only got it recently but I can't get enough of it! Something else I can't get enough of are my square tipped nails (my natural nails btw!), even if they are more prone to breaking.

This t-shirt is from eBay but it's actually one that the MAC staff would have worn during the Hello Kitty promotion so I can pretend I work for MAC ;) Teehee I wish! The bracelet is also from eBay because MAC sold out of them all. Right, I'm seriously babbling, I'll shut up now.


28 March 2011


First of all I'd like to say a big thank you to all of you lovely people for following and reading my blog.. I'm on 92 followers, eeek! It makes me really happy :)

Secondly, as most bloggers do when they reach 100, would you guys like to see some sort of giveaway? If so, what sort of things would you like to possibly win? (I don't want to spend a load of money btw!) 

Back to as scheduled, I did a bit of shopping over the weekend and I got some things I'm pleased with, after my rather unsuccessful trip to Bluewater the other weekend.
Key Necklace - New Look Sale £1. Some of you will know that I love keys for some odd reason - I'm not so sure about the colours of these but for a pound I thought you couldn't really go wrong!
Mini Storage Drawers - eBay. I used to have a set of these.. But I melted them for an art project because I thought I would never use them, now six months on I regret melting them!
Jack Wills badges - I'm a member of the 'Jack Wills Outlet' which has all old JW stock, usually for half the price. Whenever I order something I always get a few badges too because they're only about 50p! I've built up a nice collection now :)
New Look Blouse - I had a 20% voucher (which you can get in the New Look magazines by the counter) so I thought I'd put it to good use. I was going to get one of these but this one is a bit more exciting!
Jack Wills Outlet - I'm was quite annoyed when I received this because the picture showed something quite different! I was thinking of sending it back but then I realised I don't have a basic pink top.
Jack Wills Outlet Socks - I thought these were cute, they're longer than I expected though I think I'll have to wait until winter.
 And there we have it :) I'm pretty sure you'll be seeing some of these things in future outfit posts, I also got the Peter Pan Tunic if you didn't see my last post.

26 March 2011

Spotted Peter Pan and Fairy Cakes

So here's the dress I got in the Topshop sale the other day - I know lots of people have it but I couldn't resist. There were only two left - both in my size, clearly it was meant to be! It was marked down to just £15 and I think it's a good little dress for the warmer days.

I also went for some turquoise eye liner - sounds hideous but I quite like it. I'm not sure of other colours I could wear with this.. Maybe blue?

This evening I made some fairy cakes, just because I fancied it! I wanted to do all fancy icing but Tesco didn't have any so had to make do with good old Betty Crocker frosting and some Barbie sprinkles :D

I don't know if there will be a big gap in the middle of the pictures, I can't seem to sort it out. My internet has been playing around all week and it's driving me up the wall - from about 7pm to 11:30pm it must get inundated with users because it's painfully slow, it won't even load a page! Which means Blogger is being silly which equals an annoyed Sophie and oddly placed images...

Just remembered! Nearly forgot, again. I won Stefy's giveaway the other day! I got to choose an Inglot blush which I'm excited about because I don't have any Inglot make up - I also needed a new blusher! Thank you Stefy :) Good night all, hope you've had a good weekend.

25 March 2011

Tagged #2

Helloooo :)
I got tagged by Alex yesterday. I'm glad she tagged me because I think it's a super tag and I had fun doing it. She actually created the tag so I feel quite privileged to be one of the first five to start it and I hope it spreads round the blogosphere like wild fire!

The Rules:
1) Create ONE outfit that costs £100 or less. You could make a picture of it or simply post links to the items you decide on - it's entirely up to you!
2) Post it on your blog. Be sure to include a link back to whoever tagged you, a short paragraph explaining your outfit and a total of how much you spent.
3) Tag 5 other people to take part and post on their blogs to let them know.
4) Have fun with it!

Tie Front Chiffon Shirt - Republic: £14.99
Vintage Style Denim HotPant - New Look: £19.99
Feather Earrings - New Look: £2.99
Pink Iridescent Nail Polish - Barry M: 2.99
Plaited Beaded Sandals - New Look: 29.99
Floral Apple Box Clutch - New Look: 14.99
Wooden Beaded Bracelet - New Look: 4.99
Grand Total: £90.93!
New Look have 20% off everything at the moment if you pick up one of the New Look magazines... I can't be bothered to work out the new price now though :S

Explanation: With the first rays of sunshine this year making an appearance I got a bit carried away and went for a very summery look. I really love all the coral and sheer material around, hence the top. To jazz it up a bit I put the emphasis on the accessories, I think this outfit pretty much nails most of the top trends in one go.

Five Bloggers:

Even if you haven't been tagged - the more the merrier! :D

24 March 2011

Wish list #5

Before I begin, I think everybody should check out the Topshop Flash Sale online and in-store if you haven't seen it already, I got a dress from it today and there were lots of other good items which I was tempted by!
L > R: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.
Whoops, I realised I didn't put numbers on it, never mind though it's pretty straight forward this week!
*Also the numbers below the picture are links to the item (if there is one) - sometimes people ask me*

1. I wanted a yellow shift dress with a black Peter Pan collar, I'm thinking of making one but this one appeals to me also.
2. This is similar to the one in my previous wishlist but when I looked at the other one in the shop I decided I didn't really like it. I will definitely get this one though, they didn't have it in Topshop today :(
3. Coloured jeans, this rusty red colour appeals to me, but thinking about it now a brighter colour would be nicer for spring and summer.
4. I saw these in the Bluewater Topshop on Saturday and completely fell in love, I don't like them as much as the Forever 21 ones, also they are £70 so I doubt I'll be getting them. A girl can dream though!
5. New piercing - I want it in the middle of my ear. I've wanted it for ages now, I need to get round to it!

23 March 2011

Bumblebee Nails

With Spring just around the corner (hopefully/maybe/you never know with Britain) and seeing this video pop up on my Youtube Subscriptions list I thought I'd jump on the bandwagon with these nails!

I smudged the bee :( Then I got a bit carried away and did some matching make up and took about 100 photos of the nails and make up and wasn't really happy with any of them! 

Also, does anyone know any good online/free photo editing programs? My Paint Shop Pro trial ran out and the disc I have doesn't work with Windows 7.


22 March 2011

And of all the things you never explained

Hello everyone, I hope you're all well. Following on from the previous post, here is the outfit I wore whilst shopping in Bluewater!

 Shirt: New Look
Laced Skirt: H&M Sale
Leggings: Primark
Shoes: Topshop
Belt: Topshop
Leopard Satchel Bag: New Look
Hand Harness: Asos

I'm quite liking this outfit apart from the massive label showing through the shirt - was that really necessary New Look?! I'm not sure about the colour of this shirt, I find it difficult to work with, I think black dulls it down quite a lot but I'm not sure if other colours would look passable? - Any help appreciated! 

I wore my little black H&M skirt which I love but it's obscenely short so leggings are a must, I didn't realise it was high waisted when I brought it! I could have just ditched the skirt completely but I feel really bare when I wear just leggings. Btw, in the first picture I'm not praying or anything, I was just trying to show you the hand harness and the camera obviously caught me off guard!

I went in to Tescos the other day to look for a Company magazine because I wanted to see the free Clinque products, didn't expect there to be any left because they're quite sought after but then I spotted one. Upon further inspection it turned out that somebody had ripped the packaging and stolen the freebies! Couldn't they have just spared a measly two pounds?