19 September 2012

Blog Love

In no particular order...!
Chelsea Jade Loves...
   I've been reading/following Chelsea's blog for a while now, and I still love the content! She owns some amazing clothes and unique jewellery and shares multiple ways of wearing a certain item of clothing. One of my favourite posts on Chelsea Jade Loves... are the street style ones - I'd love the be able to have the confidence to go out and style snap strangers!
Amy Baby Face
I love Amy's really effortless outfits, I don't think I would necessarily pick out any of the clothes on a shopping trip, but she sure makes me want to go and buy them!
By Jaymie
I've been such a fan of Jaymie's blog for a long time now! I love her illustrations, she's such a talented drawers. Her blog is full of great inspirational pictures andddd, she has such a cute cat! :) Jaymie is also the owner of a fantastic jewellery shop, which I will get around to buying from one day.
Caught Up On Cake
I'm fairly new to Katy's blog but I've fallen in love. She mainly does outfit posts whilst also having great written content too - which can be a rarity at times in the blogging world..! Katy also takes some really pretty photographs and posts about how to wear a certain item.
Don't Eat Leather
If you're a bit of a nail junkie like me, you'll probably enjoy Claire's blog. She recently did a 15 day nail art challenge which was brilliant and she also posts about beauty. Her blog is full of little handy tips and tricks as well as reviews. 

Have you fallen in love with any blogs recently? Leave 'em below!

11 September 2012

Wish List #24

01. iPad | 02. Cross Earrings | 03. Horse Earrings | 04. Bag | 05. Cardigan | 06. Lipstick

01. *Hopefully* getting an iPad on Saturday. Eeep! I'm still undecided though about which colour to get - I think white looks more sleek but will it get dirty though?! Swaying more towards black.

02 & 03. I've been loving River Island's bargain jewellery section, I recently got a pair of moustache and cross earrings for £2 and £1.50, can't go wrong really!

04. I saw this bag the other day but I'm not sure if it will squeeze my SLR in it! I'm an expert in cramming as much junk as possible into bags though so it probably will! I love the gold studs, they're not too in your face.

05. I keep seeing lots of chunky knit cardigans (I was more of a jumper girl last year) and falling in love! Here's the latest one I've spied.. Not enjoying the price tag at all though.

06. Shy girl lipstick. Does anyone have this lipstick? What do you think of it?

08 September 2012

End Too Soon

Top, Skirt, Belt, Shoes: Topshop | Cuff: Gift | Nails: 'Bubblegum' Models Own

Uh ohh, one of those entire Topshop outfits - hate it when that happens! This is the other way I wear this top, I much prefer it like this rather than with leggings, I think it looks a bit more dressed up. I definitely need another colour of this skirt asap, I literally wear it all the time! If you're thinking about buying one, go for it. 

I could really do with some kind of curling tong, the straighteners just don't cut it. Although considering these curls are from Thursday night, they haven't done too badly and they managed to withstand a rather messy night! Leave me your recommendations below (I basically just want Kim Kardashian hair!)

Enjoy your Saturday night, I suspect half the country will be having a BBQ!

06 September 2012

eBay vs Topshop #14

Knitted Camouflage Jumper, £40 | eBay version, £9.99
Cross Hand Chain, £8.50 | eBay version, £4.49
Moustache Tee by Tee and Cake, £20 | eBay version, £3.99
High Waist Pleat Maxi Skirt, £30 | eBay version, £4.95
Spike Cluster Aliceband, £12.50 | eBay version, £1.59
Bargains alert! I really like the maxi skirt and all the other colours it comes in, trouble is I'm really not a maxi skirt kind of girl! Queue hunt for a shorter version. 

What's your favourite eBay bargain?

04 September 2012

Cough Cough

Top: Topshop Sale | Shorts: New Look | Shoes: eBay | Satchel: Topshop | Lips: Nude, Jack Wills | Bracelets: eBay & Topshop

Look at these bad boys I got from eBay - loafers, leopard print and spikes, oooffftt! They're slightly furrier than I expected but for £15, I can't complain. Naturally, I now want the pink pair too. On to the outfit, I wore this (besides the shoes) when I went to Brighton except I never got the chance to take any pictures because I wasn't at home. I also think the people I was with would've been a bit alarmed if I just whacked out my camera and tripod and started my own little photo shoot! 

I've been loving my £2 sale Jack Wills lipstick. It's exactly like MAC's Creme Cup, same texture, application, scent. So if you see any I'd snap one up! I also dug this old Topshop satchel out of my wardrobe which I haven't used for about a year but it's still in good shape considering I used to use if for college every day! It's completely full of biscuit crumbs though ;)

I joined Pinterest last night! I'd forgotten I'd even sent an account request tbh, but if you want to follow me I'm right here. Mine mainly consists of nail art, sausage dogs and DIYs, but leave your links below! 
P.s I'm not ill, the title is just a song I've been listening to today!  

02 September 2012

What Happened In August

Ukrainian Embassy Bus | Wenlock spotting | Team GB | Triathlon | London Live
Slow Shutter Speed | I ♥ U | YSL in TK Maxx! | Nails Inc in TK Maxx | Jack Wills lipsticks for £2 each | Inside of a bottle | Arty wineglass
Clare Balding! | Cow horse | Weeee | So many people | 2012 pin badges | Mum's bracelets | Samantha Murray - Silver Medallist | The Shard | Wenlock had too much Domino's...
So yummy! | Forgot I had this make up bag | New clutch bag | Keep or return? | Cat stapler | Got them!
Grey day in Brighton | Giant jelly tots | Friends 21st | Heartbeat | Inka | Mutt | My phone is capable of Twitter | Maggie
It took me a while to think what I actually did in August.. And then I remembered I spent most of it in front of the TV watching the Olympics! I am wondering where August went though, I can't believe it's September already - don't we need to start thinking about Christmas now?! 

I'm quite looking forward to September, I'm going to be working more which means MONEY! An iPad and the Office Nighthawks shall be mine. Let me know if you've got an iPad, which one you've got, what colour, which network you're with.. Basically everything haha :D