29 February 2012

Two Tone

 Top: New Look | Skirt: ASOS | Cardigan: M&S | Tights: Topshop | Bracelet: eBay | Ring: Dollybowbow | Nail Wraps: Topshop

I decided to dig out a few items from my wardrobe which haven't seen the light of day for a while, I love going for a little wardrobe shop, it's so easy to forget what you have! This skirt must've been the first or second thing I ever purchased from ASOS, a good few years ago now, it has a kind of three tier/bustle at the back; it's really different. I think the tights are also about two years old because I remember wearing them in sixth form! (How have I not laddered them?!) I'm also wearing my M&S granny cardigan which my Mum and my Granny both have too, I have to choose when to wear it very carefully!

As you can probably see I have the Meadham Kirchhoff nail wraps on, which look fairly decent from the picture, but don't be fooled they creased like a bitch! I'm generally unimpressed with nail wraps as a whole even if they do look ridiculously cute. I won't be buying again. What is everyone else's experience with nail wraps? Am I doing it wrong?

26 February 2012

February Favourites

February was a tricky month for choosing favourites, it went from -5 degrees to a balmy 16 degrees in my area! Valentine's Day and LFW also influenced the Lookbook users! I did things a little differently (again) and focused on key things/trends which I enjoyed through the month of February :) 
1 | 2 | 3 | 4
1 | 2 | 3 | 4
1 | 2 | 3 | 4
1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8
1 | 2 | 3 | 4
1 | 2 | 3 |4
All the links for these lovely ladies are below each image, a fair amount probably have blogs too so if you like the look of something go and have a peek!
What's your favourite?
P.s New layout! Not finished yet, what do you think?!

23 February 2012

Alexa Chung Inspired Eye Nail Tutorial

Be prepared for some freaky nails coming up, I feel like there's a set of eyes just watching me as I type :O ...Anyway, I saw that Alexa Chung had a rather eye catching (I'm such a joker!) manicure at LFW, so I thought I'd try something a bit similar.

I was going to do a moustache instead of lips but I thought the eyes were too girly! I've also just realised they match my Topshop face shoes :)

20 February 2012

Wish List #17: I Want Candy

Tie knot top | Pearl Collar Top | Hoodie | Striped Jeans | Apricot Jeans | Brogues | Heels | Loafers | Hair grips | Bag | Keyring | Belt | Apple Earrings | Lip balm | Socks

Amongst all the pastel shades at the moment I also love all of the candy and fruity pieces going on too. Of course I had to throw in a a few pastels too ;)

My favourite item are the brogues, surprisingly they're only £20! They look quite good quality, hopefully I'll be able to find them in store and have a better look at them. I also love the Missguided bag and the pink striped jeans.. So nice! What's your favourite item?

19 February 2012

Rimmel Day 2 Night Glam Eyes Mascara Review

I've never done a review before but I've really fancied doing one for a while now, I know I don't usually focus on beauty on my blog but I do actually have a rather large interest in cosmetics! I thought I'd put my two pence worth in for the Rimmel Day 2 Night mascara.

I was quite intrigued by this mascara when it first came out as it was a new concept and I'd been using two separate mascaras for a while to make the most out of my lashes and have experimented with a variety of combinations, I bought this with the intention of saving time. I'd also heard a fair amount of positive reviews on Youtube, and it popped up in people's favourites videos a lot, so I decided to try it for myself.
P a c k a g i n g
Nothing particularly fancy about the packaging until you spot the lid. Essentially it has two lids, the first for length (black and slimmer) and the second pink for volume. It's quite clunky packaging, not the most attractive but certainly not the least either. Goes along the 'sexy, glamourous' theme with the pink and black with holographic writing.
P r o d u c t
The tube contains 9.5ml of product and retails at £7.99. Personally, it's slightly more than I usually pay for a mascara but it did feel as though I was almost buying two.
A p p l i c a t i o n
The formula of this mascara is wet. Much more liquidy than any other mascara I've used before, I was pretty shocked the first time I used it, that 9.5ml ain't gonna last you long if you put that much on each time! The next time I used it I scraped a lot of product off and things seemed to go much more smoothly. The lengthening brush is fine, just watch out for the volume one! I found the best way to apply this product is to use the volume one first and then the lengthening wand to remove any large clumps, even though I think you're meant to do it the other way round?
W a n d s
Basically, they're the same brush except one picks up loads of product and the other gets scraped off. It's your pretty average brush with fibre bristles, nothing too fancy about it. I'd also like to mention that I found the lengthening wand a tad tricky to apply as it's on a longer stick than I'm used to so I didn't get as much control as I would've liked.
S t a y i n g  P o w e r
I wore this to a wedding, when we had the our ~Indian Summer~. Let me tell you, it was flipping hot in the venue however, the mascara stayed put! It does flake though if you touch/tamper with your eyelashes, but to be honest why would you want to start fiddling with your eyelashes?!
O v e r a l l ?
I'm on the fence with this mascara. I love the false eyelash look it gives - it defines my eyelashes from a distance. I also like the concept, depending on what eye make up you're going for you can choose what your eyelashes look like with just one product instead of two. However, I'm really not a fan of how much product comes out with the volume brush and how wet it is, I feel like it weighs my lashes down. I think if your a fan of thick clumpy lashes this product would be right up your street! I'd rate it a 6/10

W o u l d  I  b u y  a g a i n ?
Probably not, but that's because I like to try out lots of different mascaras! I don't think it's bad at all, now that I've used it for a good few months and it's dried up a bit it's much easier to work with.

So there you have it - I hope/think I covered everything. Have you tried this mascara? What did you think of it?

18 February 2012

Collective Haul!

Notebook: Jack Wills Sale | Dog Medal & Gnome Badge: Cath Kidston | 17 BB Cream: Boots
Tangle Teezer: Boots | Shamballa Bracelet: Gift | Jesus Bracelet: eBay
OPI Nicki Minaj nail polish, 'Metallic 4 life' & 'Save Me' | Buyapowa
Topshop Body Chain: £1.50 reduced from £16.50! | Topshop Spike Rings: £1.50 reduced from £7.50
Meadham Kirchhoff: Topshop | Denim Zips: New Look Sale, £2 | Monochrome Stripes: New Look Sale, £3
So pleased I got the Meadham Kirchhoff nail wraps! I did wince paying £7 for them but I'm going to put them on false nails so I can get my money's worth! Not sure about the vagina design though so I'll maybe give that one a miss :S 

I also got this cropped t-shirt from Topshop and this body from New Look! Both were incredibly difficult to photograph though - do you find it difficult to photograph clothes? I always get stuck! I'm off now to do my nail wraps, enjoy your Saturday everyone!

15 February 2012

Valentine's Day

Posting this a bit late, I wanted to post this yesterday but then I got carried away watching Gypsy Weddings and then Death Unexplained (yeah, Happy Valentine's Day!) Didn't do anything special in particular as I'm a single lady but I had a nice meal with the family :)
Jumper: Topshop | Jeans: Primark | Ring: Topshop | Necklace: I Love Crafty | Bracelets: Jack Wills

I've no idea why my 'skinny' jeans are so baggy? Apologies for that, I think I've had them for about 3 years however! What did you do for Valentine's Day?

13 February 2012

Valentine's Nails

Here are my Valentine's nails for this year, I tried out my new 99p Stores groovy fimo shapes - not too shabby, I can confirm! I don't think my camera did them much justice, I could really do with a new one (recommendations welcome!)
 I did want to put a bit more effort into them but I ended up painting them at about 1am last night, so wasn't really feeling it! I did deck out my index fingers with a bit of bling though, afterwards my nail actually felt quite weighted. o.O

Below are some designs that I might try out next year, I love how they're different to your average Valentine's nail art! The anti valentine's are just brilliant!
Daisies | Swans | Frog | Love

Eff Love | Stripes
 What do your Valentine nails look like?!

12 February 2012

DIY Iris Folded Heart Valentine's Card

I got my heart pattern from this website. You'll need to print two of these. Also when I say 'card' I mean like one you receive, not just a random bit of card!
 If you're unsure of what I mean here, you need to open up the card as if you were reading it and lay it over the heart. Then use the tape to secure it down so it doesn't move around.
 So, tape your first strip over number 1. The pattern guide tells you where to place which pattern. I'm using spots for Pattern A and stripes for Pattern B. Follow around the numbers. 
Cut away any excess tape, and carefully pull off the tape holding the card in place. Then, close the card and reveal the front!
And if you're still confused, either leave a comment below or try reading this tutorial, or watching this video.

Hope you enjoyed!

08 February 2012

Around a Pound

Recently I've picked up a lot of things which have been very kind to my purse strings. I've found a few dupes for a tenth of the price! I'm definitely one of these people to have stacks of little cheap bits than one big thing.
This of course is the infamous OPI Rainbow Connection dupe. I picked it up from Lovethymakeup, for £1.25, which is the cheapest I've found online. It's out of stock at the moment but keep checking because it does come back in stock!
 I picked this fimo nail art wheel up today in 99p Stores, it's also by Technic, it came with a nail glue and and an orange stick too! It's definitely worth checking out the beauty section in Poundland and 99p Stores! I now have my Valentine's nails sorted :)

 Fairly obvious, but don't forget that everything from MUA is only a quid!

 I found these Yankee candle fakes in 99p Stores too, they smell soooo good! 

I paid a visit to Sally's the other day and found a few clearance China Glaze polishes for £1.05! Make sure you look all around the store because they were in a random place away from all the full price CG polishes.

Are there any bargains which you've found recently? 

05 February 2012

Week In Illustrations #7

Something a bit different again this time round! I'm slightly fed up of the little doodles I do every time, and fancied something a bit more substantial. I drew a dream catcher because in reality I could do with something to catch my dreams for me, I keep forgetting them or they're slowing slipping away from me... But that's another story and I won't unload all my problems here!

Not much has happened this week but I have had a much needed retail therapy week! I got my first ever OPI nail polishes (these ones!) and a China Glaze one for just £1.05 :D I also walked away from Jacks Wills the other day with one of the biggest bags they do. Oops. And if you're wondering what the sausage dog is all about, I finally got the sausage dog toy I've wanted since October, he was so hard to get hold of! Yes, I know I need to grow up!

Hope you all enjoyed the snow!