29 April 2011

The Royal Wedding

Did everyone enjoy the wedding? I know I certainly did! Kate's dress was absolutely stunning and I'm really happy she picked McQueen - I think it was a superb tribute to the late Alexander McQueen.

Here's what I wore, a tad smart for just a little day time tea party with the family but I wanted to wear it.
Dress: Topshop
Cardigan: New Look

- I ragged my hair last night which I mentioned I was going to do in yesterdays post, I quite like it but I'm just not used to having curly hair! Next time I'm really going to try and get to the roots of my hair so it goes pretty crazy :D
- I know I look a little bit like a rabbit caught in the headlights in the middle picture but I kind of like that look, teehee!
- This dress was my Easter present, instead of having chocolate, money went towards this. Topshop have a variety of colours, I wish I could get them all! I can stick on a pair of heels at night and sandals in the day, I do love a good old multi functional dress!
Union Jack cupcakes
Paper chains in action!
Have a good evening, I thought I'd leave you all with this.. :)

28 April 2011

The Preparations

Hello all, here's a post if you're not feeling that 'wedding fever' yet. Personally, I've found the whole Royal Wedding affair a grand excuse to get crafty and avoid any college work :) Here are some of the things I've been working on!
Paperchains - Accessorize

Union Jack Nails - a bit messy and mucked up on my little finger!
Paper Bunting using this tutorial
Still lots more to be strung...!
- I've also been making a few other bits, and I have some cupcakes to ice, we're not doing anything particularly special, my grandparents are coming round for a kitsch little lunch (including: cucumber sandwiches and trifle!) I'll show you all tomorrow, I'm thinking it could be a hefty post! What are you all doing for the wedding?

- I'm going to rag my hair tonight which could have some interesting results... I've been looking for ways to curl my hair without using heat, partly because my hair's a bit long for curlers! 

- Lastly, I've revamped my Tumblr because people seemed to be enjoying my recent picture posts so I thought you might like to see more pictures on a daily basis, it's such a good source of inspiration as well. It still needs a bit of work with the layout I might add - oh how I love html. Also if you've got a Tumblr leave it below I'd like to look at them :)


26 April 2011

One Hundred Things I Love #2

The next installment of the things I love.
011. Bows
013. Mice
014. Coca Cola
015. Soft Toys
016. Stationary

017. Friendship
018. Kisses
019. Polo Shirts
020. Adele's Make-up
Image Source
Images all from Tumblr, except the above.

24 April 2011

Happy Easter!

Dress: Topshop
Belt: Topshop
 Hello everyone! Firstly, I hope you've all been stuffing your faces full of chocolate before it all melts in this scorching heat! Above are a few photos of the crafts/cakes I've been spending my Easter holidays doing when I should really be cracking on with my Final Major Project... Do you like my fondant bunny? He sure tasted good although quite sickly after a while.

I've been MIA recently, few things seem to be going right. I have control this blog so I'm not going to let this go wrong too. 

On a more positive note, I love this dress, it's so light and nice for a day dress but you could probably dress it up for the evening. I can't find it on the Topshop website, I think it's sold out now. I've been getting so much wear out of this belt, worth the hefty price tag and goes with everything :)

16 April 2011

One Hundred Things I Love #1

I'd thought I'd start a little series of all the positive things I tend to forget about in life and share some pretty pictures with all of you! (it's a hundred because I recently acquired 100 of you lovelies♥)

001. Cats
002. Cakes
003. Texts
004. Colourful hair
005. Vintage cameras
006. Lillies
007. Perfume Bottles
008. Waffles
009. Keys
010. Cushions

Images all from Tumblr.

10 April 2011

Sunday Summary #2

What a gloriously sunny week it's been, I really hope it sticks around, it lightens my mood dramatically! There's now only 48 days of college left which I'm so happy about and that's counting the weekends and holidays so no time at all really!
My brother's Birthday Card from me, teehee ;)
Brother's Cake, nom.
Chickens :)
Bit of sunbathing - oh hey tan lines.
The wonders of self timer and awful horsey attire.
A nice sunny ride.
This week has been surprisingly good, my friend came back from Uni and on Tuesday I went into town with her for a spot of shopping and lunch. I went to the cinema on Wednesday and saw Sucker Punch with her and another friend (gotta love Orange Wednesdays!) None of us particularly enjoyed the film and actually I thought the best bit of the night was sitting in the car reminiscing about some of our hilarious encounters! 

Saturday was pretty hectic, don't know how we managed to cram so much in! I went round to my friends for a very horse filled day! Had my first 'betting' experience - Hannah put a few pounds on five horses for the Grand National, she didn't win anything, the closest she got was third. Then we went for a lovely sunny hack around the fields and finished off the afternoon with some sunbathing and an appalling game of tennis!

In the evening my family and I went to an Italian restaurant which is always superbly yummy, to celebrate my brother's 15th birthday. Then I rushed back home to get ready for a night out on the town... It was a pretty heavy one, I haven't drank for ages and people kept buying me drinks which probably wasn't the best thing! There was some extreme mixing going on and I'm not feeling too great today... Oh well, roll on next Friday :D

09 April 2011

Wish list #7

Three weeks to this day we'll see the Royal Wedding :) I'm really looking forward to it - although I seem to be the minority?! Anyone else excited? I decided to comprise a little royal wish list. I've already decided what I'm wearing on the 29th and I'll be painting Union Jacks on my nails... Eager much?
L > R: 1.  2.  3.  4.  5.  6.
1. Bunting has been on my mental wish list for sometime now, even before the Royal Wedding was announced, I want to put it all round my room. I want to try making some but I might get lazy and just buy some!
2. I thought this crown ring was cute whether it's a wedding or not.
3. I love customised Union Jacks, things like this are cute just to decorate your room with.
4. I could do with some new socks, mine are either wearing thin or are huge chunky winter ones.
5. How pretty is this dress?! It looks better in real life too, I'm going to have to go and try it on. Also, I think it's a bit of a steal at £34 minus student discount too - bargain!
6. I thought these mugs are a really clever idea - they're from Jack Wills in case you're wondering why I'm thinking a mug is clever haha.

Also have a look on the Accessorize website if you want some more ideas for the wedding, they have all sorts!
Have you got any royal things you want to get? 

07 April 2011

Clear Skies

Shirt - AX Paris/New Look
Waistcoat - Primark
Jeans - Asos Sale
Bangles - Topshop Sale
Ring - H&M
How gorgeous is the sun? It's so lovely to feel warmth on your skin after what's been a long winter. I got brave and ventured outside for these pictures, there were a lack of ledges for my camera to sit (I need a tripod!)  
So I had a bit of difficulty. There were a few other ledges I could have tried but my neighbour was lurking and I didn't want him to think I was crazy, especially as I know his younger brother and we have friends in common! Today I've been listening too Clear Skies by Keane, it's such a pretty song.

I was awarded 'The Versatile Blogger Award' from Princess and the Pea, I was planning on posting it after these pictures but I think it'd make quite a chunky post but you'll be seeing it soon :)
Hope you're all enjoying the sun