31 May 2012


Dress: Topshop | Earrings: Topshop Sale | Sandals: Fenwicks Sale | Toes: Topshop 'Pool Party'
I wore this outfit on Sunday when I went for that delicious pub lunch that I mentioned the other day, I thought I'd better hurry up and post this before the weather goes completely miserable! Why oh why is British weather so bipolar?! Anywho, I decided to wear my Topshop dress that I got last year which I'm sure most of you have seen before (I didn't realise they'd be quite so popular!) It's a really pretty Summer dress which doesn't show huge amounts of skin which I find a lot of summery dresses can do - especially if you're slightly taller than the average girl! I've seen a fair few copies of this dress since I bought it, AX Paris have got some identical ones for a lot cheaper and with floral prints.. I'm tempted to buy one!

I found these old sandals whilst digging through the depths of my wardrobe.. What do you think of them? I'm undecided. There was a bit of a trend for them, I seem to remember but now I just think awful tan lines, haha!

I've just realised that this will be my last post (live one anyway) for a while, I don't think I ever mentioned but I'm going to Guernsey on Saturday! I've got lots of scheduled blog posts to write up so you won't miss me too much ;) Let me know if you've even been to Guernsey before and also let me know some of your high end make up recommendations - I'm hitting up duty free! 
Back soon :)

29 May 2012

eBay vs Topshop #6

Eeep! Slightly later post than I expected, I didn't expect today to be so busy, but here it is!
MOTO Crochet Hotpants, £40 | eBay version, £17.99
Hawaiian Print Bralet, £25 | eBay version, £13.99
Multi Skull Stretch, £7.50 | eBay version, £2.47
Crop Tee, £8 | eBay version, £4.99
High Low Maxi Skirt by Love, £40 | eBay version, £12.99
I went for a summery theme today (what glorious weather we've had!) You could actually mix and match some of these items to work as outfits, I think the crop top and the dip hem skirt would look so pretty together!

27 May 2012

Tiffany Inspired Nails

I recently purchased 'Pool Party' nail polish by Topshop (corrr, wouldn't a pool party be great on a day like this!) it's an extremely similar colour to the little Tiffany & Co jewellery boxes every girl wants to have sit on their dressing table!
Pool Party by Topshop
Add bows on your thumbnails by using a white nail art pen.
I used some rhinestones along my half moons (much cheaper than Tiffany diamonds ;)) and a coat of Models Own 'Juicy Jules' on my little fingers.
And lastly some diamonds on your ring fingers! 
In other news, today I've been for a pub lunch and as usual I've overindulged and consequently feel like I can't move. It was so delicious though and lovely to sit out in the sun, I'm surprisingly tired considering how little I've done! I'm off for some serious shopping tomorrow too, which I'm excited for - hello Primark! Even though the Primark I'm going to is pretty rubbish I'm still looking forward to it.. I'm such a Primark addict!

Hope you liked the nails - I realised it's been a while :)

26 May 2012


Blouse: Primark (Borrowed from Mum!) | Leggings: Next

I got the retro/sixties vibe from this top so I thought I'd play on that a bit. I like this top more than I realised, it's got a cute little collar with a ribbon like River Island did a lot of last A/W and there aren't many prints like this around at the moment! I'm also just trying on these Next potential riding pants which I bought a couple of weeks ago as a substitute in case I don't manage to get the H&M ones I want, so they might be going back. I'm still waiting for the H&M ones I ordered (surprise, surprise!) 

Anyway, if you can't get hold of the H&M riding pants, these Next ones are the second best thing I've found. You can't see from the picture but they're high waisted and have a seem down the front, have a look on the website for a better idea!

I also attempted some sixties inspired make up and some odd clipped back beehive thing, despite having a lot of it, hair has never been my strong point! 
Hope you're all enjoying the sun! I have tan lines!

25 May 2012

Wedding Bells

Last Saturday, 19th May was my cousin's wedding. I thought I'd share a few pictures with you of the occasion and to show you what I wore! (I've been waiting months to wear this dress!)
Confetti Overload
Dress: ASOS | Shoes: New Look | Bag: Radley
Make up of the Wedding ~ UD Naked palette, MAC lipglass in Emancipation and 99p Stores false eyelashes!
Pearl Collar: Primark | Nails: Nails Inc 'Bare' & Topshop 'Adrenalin' | Victorian rose gold bangle
I want these in my room!
Too much free booze | Dessert
Huge stack of cards and my Dad being fancy!
Overall it was a really good day and I think everyone enjoyed themselves, especially after the ongoing supply of free champagne, wine, rose and then.. The brandy! There was loads of scrumptious food too which I overindulged in - the size of my food baby was shocking!
Have you got any weddings coming up?

22 May 2012

eBay vs Topshop #5 | Studs & Spikes

Studded Bralet, £38 | eBay version, 7.99 (Both available in white)

I thought I'd include a few honourable mentions I stumbled across whilst looking for these items! These amazing spiked wedges and this spike ring.
Hope you're enjoying the sun!

20 May 2012

Recent Acquisitions!

I thought I'd better show you some of my recent purchases, mainly to make room for all the new things I plan to buy next weekend, muhahaha! I also managed to order the H&M riding pants in my last wish list after religiously checking the site twice a day! They're *meant* to be delivered sometime this week but after past H&M orders, I'm a tad worried. Third time lucky though :)
So, after not buying any nail polish for months I ended up with five in one week! 'Adrenalin' has fast become one of my favourite polishes and I know already that both the Nails Inc for Instyle magazine are going to get a lot of use this Summer. 'Razzmatazz' isn't quite as stunning as Adrenalin but still very pretty. 'Pool Party' is an exact Tiffany blue match!
My Mum picked up this book for me as it was discounted, look how amazing those meringues look! I'm looking forward to trying some of the recipes out :)
This coat was the bargain of the century. I went to Topshop on the first day of the sale in the morning before work and found this originally £85 coat for... £10! In my size too! Practically sprinted to the till.
I found this in New Look the other day, I've been looking for a dip dye piece but hadn't seen anything. I love the colours of this, it'll be so nice for Summer evenings! 
My Mum also picked me up these in Sainsbury's, ready for the Jubilee (even though I'll be away during it!) 
I finally found this necklace which I'd been looking for in various Topshops (wasn't even in the Oxford St one!) much to my delight I found it in the sale for half price. I also thought I'd try some Topshop make up as I'm impressed by their nail polishes, this is in the shade 'Powder Room', it's a matte yellow based pink - so many lipsticks these days have blue undertones! It's quite drying so it may not be for everyone.

Hope you had a good weekend! I'm recovering from my cousin's wedding.. Too. Much. Food. Post on that soon :)

17 May 2012


Jumper: Topshop | Shirt: New Look | Jeans: Punkyfish/DIY | Necklace: Topshop Sale | Bracelet: Topshop

Another jumper borrowed from my Mum. Stop me! I really, really like it.. Obviously I helped her to the till with it ;) I like the cropped cuffed sleeves, but the best bit of it for me, are the all the multi coloured strands of wool it's made up of. From a distance it just looks grey but up close you can see the mass of colours! This jumper is actually from the petite section (comes in normal too) which I tend to not pay much attention to as I'm 5"8, seems to fit me fine!

I also unearthed these pair of skinny jeans which I've had since I was 14, I DIY'd them a few years ago and now there's a similar pair in Topshop.. Just goes to show, think before you chuck your clothes away!

Best be off now to do some much needed sorting out before my cousins wedding on Saturday! Make up and nails decisions are proving tricky!

Take care!

15 May 2012

eBay vs Topshop #4

Dripping Peace Vest, £18 | eBay version, £4.99 
Aztec Racer Back Maxi Dress, £28 | eBay version, £7.90
MOTO Stripe Supersoft Leigh Jeans, £40 | eBay version, £14.99
Tropical Floral Blazer, £65 | eBay version, £14.49
Space Print Leggings, £22 | eBay version, £6.99 (Available in another colour too!)
Moustache Necklace, £8.50 | eBay version, 99p
I've decided Tuesdays = eBay day! It was going to be Fridays but then I realised my Fridays are often quite busy. I'm going to try my best to make them weekly and on time. 

I'm really pleased with what I found this week, especially the dripping peace t-shirt (which also comes in pink!) I also really liked some of your suggestions from my last eBay post, especially Sadie's, who suggested I do themed ones sometimes. 

Also, remember this top from my first eBay post? I noticed on my eBay travels that they do other colours now as well! Happy spending :)

10 May 2012

Wish list #20

Wish list number 20! That's a lot of wishing ;)
Trousers | Clutch | Nail Polish | Rings | Shoes
01. These trousers would be so appropriate for all those times I'm 'not allowed to wear jeans', they're very similar to the American Apparel riding pants which I'd never pay £64 for! I'm going to try and track them down in stores as my size aren't on the website.

02. I've been trying to decide between a few nude clutch bags which one I like the most, here's one to add to the list!

03. I got the pink version of this (Adrenalin) last week and oh. Wow! Sparkly pink holographic amazingness. Desperately need the purple version in my life!

04. I don't have anything with a moustache on, and these are so cute! Not sure I want three though...

05. I know exactly what this weeks money is going on! I'd been debating the nude version on them (I already have the black) except I already have a pair of nude pumps and I know they'd get really dirty. I don't have any mint coloured shoes, so now I have an excuse :D

Friday tomorrow, yay! Enjoy!

08 May 2012

Talk That Talk

Top: Primark | Cardigan: M&S | Jeans: Primark | Shoes: Topshop | Necklace: Dorothy Perkins | Skull Bracelet: Topshop | Cat Bracelet: New Look

I was stuck for choice naming this outfit post! Of course it had to be Rihanna related, Talk That Talk happens to be my current favourite RiRi song! Kind of contradictory though as this image is from her Loud album, oh well. 

JUST LOOK at that piece of hair - sticking right up, just desperate for a bit of attention I think! Needs a good old trim. So, these were the best photos out of a bad bunch, hardly any were in focus.. Roll on 17th July (my birthday) I can't wait to get a new camera! I've dropped my current one so many times half the buttons don't work any more and now it looks like the focus has gone. I blame vodka.

I don't think I've debuted my new Jesus style cat bracelet, so here it is! I'm sure you've seen my other one from outfit posts as I wear it all the time so when I saw one with kitty cats on it it just had to be mine! I might get the brown version of it too, it was only £1.99 so you can't really go wrong! 

What's your favourite Rihanna song? If you're a fan that is?