21 March 2011


Originally I'd planned for this post to be titled "Bluewater Haul" most saddening though (lol), there wasn't much of the hauling business going on! I certainly wasn't weighed down with shopping bags by any means. I thought I'd show you what I got anyhow.

Accessorize Aztec Nail Polish - very difficult to photograph!)

Hairbands - I always snap mine. Superdrug
YSL Arty Ring wannabe - I want to get the turquoise one too!
My dad very kindly pointed out that the stone resembled a brain..
3 for £5! I've been dying to try out some more Natural Collection stuff.
And that is all folks!
- My mum got a really nice cardigan in Urban Outfitters so I'm going to have to steal it.
- There was a dress I liked and tried on in H&M but it was a little too big and as it was strapless I didn't want to risk it! They didn't have the size down so I'm going to go into my local H&M and hopefully they'll have it, it's not on website either. I tried to find a picture for you all but there are any so I'll have to describe it! It's a pink denim bandeau dress with a long zip going all the way down the front, I'd be able to dress it down in the day and probably get away with it for evening wear.
- I was going to get a Hollister top, but there was a queue to get into the shop which I thought was pretty ridiculous! So I went back later, and wasn't impressed really, I couldn't find what I wanted and the layout was poor and more to the point I couldn't flipping see anything! I do like to see what I'm buying, thank you!

Sorry it's pretty boring, going to do an outfit post tomorrow :) Anyone else had any disappointing shopping trips recently?


  1. Haha I have that ring, and now that you mention it, yes it does resemble a brain! x

  2. I wouldn't say this is a disappointing shopping trip at all! I adore that ring and the nail polish colour is lovely :)

  3. hollister is the worst shop EVER. my friend was scouted (yes.. scouted) to work for them and he was trained to speak with an american accent and say WHATS UP GUYS to EVERYONE. SO ANNOYING. haha. love your nail polish x

  4. yay the ring!
    and your mum has nice style!

  5. have to agree about hollister.. it's all about the brand in there, not my thing!
    love the polish and your ring is so pretty! xx

  6. Hollister, Abercrombie and fitch there all the same! Love the ring, I bought both when I went! Such good prices as well :) Lovely nail colour, I've seen that on someone else as well, I want it! Lovely post, looking forward to the outfit post! :)

    Shope, xxxxxxx

  7. lol, the ring does resembled a brain cos its pink haha but the turquoise are too normal. i saw it alot . love hello kitty



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