24 March 2011

Wish list #5

Before I begin, I think everybody should check out the Topshop Flash Sale online and in-store if you haven't seen it already, I got a dress from it today and there were lots of other good items which I was tempted by!
L > R: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.
Whoops, I realised I didn't put numbers on it, never mind though it's pretty straight forward this week!
*Also the numbers below the picture are links to the item (if there is one) - sometimes people ask me*

1. I wanted a yellow shift dress with a black Peter Pan collar, I'm thinking of making one but this one appeals to me also.
2. This is similar to the one in my previous wishlist but when I looked at the other one in the shop I decided I didn't really like it. I will definitely get this one though, they didn't have it in Topshop today :(
3. Coloured jeans, this rusty red colour appeals to me, but thinking about it now a brighter colour would be nicer for spring and summer.
4. I saw these in the Bluewater Topshop on Saturday and completely fell in love, I don't like them as much as the Forever 21 ones, also they are £70 so I doubt I'll be getting them. A girl can dream though!
5. New piercing - I want it in the middle of my ear. I've wanted it for ages now, I need to get round to it!


  1. i really want a piercing too! dunno what though - ive had loads in my face so probably not there but maybe my ear? oooh. i had a look at the topshop sale today and it was rubbish! found nothing i liked :( apart from a pair of shoes but obv they didn't have my size.. typical x

  2. that's the next piercing I want too!

  3. Me and a dear friend just got that piercing done! You should get it!

  4. The yellow dress is super lovely!


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