08 March 2011

Shrove Tuesday

I hope everyone has had a wonderful day stuffing yourselves with pancakes! I managed a total of six although I'd  have quite happily consumed more! Oink oink...
Just cooking my pancake ;)
I really wanted lots of fancy toppings but we didn't have any, next year I will be fully prepared! I love golden syrup.

Cardigan - New Look (old)
Top - DKNY Jeans via TK Maxx
Leggings - H&M (sale - £5!)

Plain lounging outfit today, I love these leggings, they add something a bit different. The top was quite a steal I got it in TK Maxx probably over a year ago and I think it was only £13! I like the New York landscape on the letters, it takes me back to the New York trip I went on a few years back.



  1. lovely post!

    xo-kayla marie

  2. It's so cool when you've travelled & then you see something later in life that reminds you of the great time you had on the trip.
    NYC is the place to beee. (Failed attempt at the beginnings of a rap song.)


  3. NY is amazing! I've been three times and going again in Summer! Love the top xx

  4. lucky you to ever visit ny <3
    i love syrup on my pancakes too :D

  5. i love those leggings never seen them in h&m now ive seen you with them im going to be on a hunt for them loll



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