22 March 2011

And of all the things you never explained

Hello everyone, I hope you're all well. Following on from the previous post, here is the outfit I wore whilst shopping in Bluewater!

 Shirt: New Look
Laced Skirt: H&M Sale
Leggings: Primark
Shoes: Topshop
Belt: Topshop
Leopard Satchel Bag: New Look
Hand Harness: Asos

I'm quite liking this outfit apart from the massive label showing through the shirt - was that really necessary New Look?! I'm not sure about the colour of this shirt, I find it difficult to work with, I think black dulls it down quite a lot but I'm not sure if other colours would look passable? - Any help appreciated! 

I wore my little black H&M skirt which I love but it's obscenely short so leggings are a must, I didn't realise it was high waisted when I brought it! I could have just ditched the skirt completely but I feel really bare when I wear just leggings. Btw, in the first picture I'm not praying or anything, I was just trying to show you the hand harness and the camera obviously caught me off guard!

I went in to Tescos the other day to look for a Company magazine because I wanted to see the free Clinque products, didn't expect there to be any left because they're quite sought after but then I spotted one. Upon further inspection it turned out that somebody had ripped the packaging and stolen the freebies! Couldn't they have just spared a measly two pounds? 


  1. i had the same problem with the clinique freebies!! loads of magazines but no free things :( i like your shirt, looks super cute. i think it looks best with black, but maybe you could add some accessories or something to brighten it up?x

  2. such a cute outfit honey, i'm totally going to to buy that belt after seeing you wear it on here! oh, and i love bluewater! we must live nearby (sort of!) xxxxx

  3. thank-you for the comment my lovely, the header is up! xxx

  4. i really like the sheer shirt!

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  5. Love your belt :)
    I had those shoes aswell hee.

  6. the flats are adorable. I really love it. Oh, I never get bored with that belt. :))


  7. I love this outfit! It's so cute!

  8. love that shirt and the shoes are too cute xxxx

  9. Amazing shoes!! Too cute!!!




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