15 March 2011

Trot trot

Sorry for the lack of blogging, I have the same excuse as most people I'm afraid - been very busy with college work! I'd planned to stay in today and do lots of college work then it was a lovely day and my friend texted me and asked if I wanted to go round, ended up doing no work what so ever :S I suppose there is always tomorrow!

Polo shirt - Joules
Jeggings - Topshop Sale
Jacket - River Island Sale
Got a lot of love for this jacket even though I haven't worn it out properly yet, it's too cold! I love the elbow pads, I got it in the River Island Christmas Sales for £30 reduced from £50, I'd been looking for a tweed jacket for a while so was pretty happy when I found this one!
In the end though I actually changed the jeggings (because they're no good for horse riding in) and the blazer because I have a thing about my arms being cold and I knew we'd be outside most of the day. I'll show you some more pictures of what I did today in my Sunday Summary later this week. 



  1. Ah I looove elbow pads! And i know exactly what you mean about getting distracted - it's all too easy to do! x

  2. i should seriously try wearing jeggings..


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