25 March 2011

Tagged #2

Helloooo :)
I got tagged by Alex yesterday. I'm glad she tagged me because I think it's a super tag and I had fun doing it. She actually created the tag so I feel quite privileged to be one of the first five to start it and I hope it spreads round the blogosphere like wild fire!

The Rules:
1) Create ONE outfit that costs £100 or less. You could make a picture of it or simply post links to the items you decide on - it's entirely up to you!
2) Post it on your blog. Be sure to include a link back to whoever tagged you, a short paragraph explaining your outfit and a total of how much you spent.
3) Tag 5 other people to take part and post on their blogs to let them know.
4) Have fun with it!

Tie Front Chiffon Shirt - Republic: £14.99
Vintage Style Denim HotPant - New Look: £19.99
Feather Earrings - New Look: £2.99
Pink Iridescent Nail Polish - Barry M: 2.99
Plaited Beaded Sandals - New Look: 29.99
Floral Apple Box Clutch - New Look: 14.99
Wooden Beaded Bracelet - New Look: 4.99
Grand Total: £90.93!
New Look have 20% off everything at the moment if you pick up one of the New Look magazines... I can't be bothered to work out the new price now though :S

Explanation: With the first rays of sunshine this year making an appearance I got a bit carried away and went for a very summery look. I really love all the coral and sheer material around, hence the top. To jazz it up a bit I put the emphasis on the accessories, I think this outfit pretty much nails most of the top trends in one go.

Five Bloggers:

Even if you haven't been tagged - the more the merrier! :D


  1. What a fab idea, I shall try and do this in the next week or so. Thanks for the tag =)

    Bow Dream Nation xx

  2. Love these items, especially the apply clutch box! Gorgeous x

  3. such a perfect outfit! i would DEFINITELY wear this.
    mmmmmmm :)

    ps, going to have to put you in my sidebar under favourite reads, your blog gets better everytime i read it!

  4. This is suck a good idea! Love your outfit choice :)

  5. Great choices, I love that top..x


  6. I'm so glad you like the idea! :') Thank you for taking part.

    I adore the outfit you've put together :3 I'm been stalking those denim shorts for agesss, I really need to just buy a pair and get it over with, ahah.

  7. sheer top, florals clutch and denim shorts. i like them, very cute. great pics!

    visit my blog, follow me on twitter @zebraandmeerkat
    and visit my store, xo
    xo, zebra and meerkat.

  8. Thanks for the tag - it's a cute idea, kind of like window shopping (which is good, as I can't afford REAL shopping!) Love the coral with the shorts - lovely jubbly for summer!

  9. oh cute outfit, i love coral - such a gorgeous colour and those sandals are really lovely x

  10. Thanks for the tag! I will be doing this post on Wednesday! :) xxx

  11. I love all the items in this collage!! :)



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