26 March 2011

Spotted Peter Pan and Fairy Cakes

So here's the dress I got in the Topshop sale the other day - I know lots of people have it but I couldn't resist. There were only two left - both in my size, clearly it was meant to be! It was marked down to just £15 and I think it's a good little dress for the warmer days.

I also went for some turquoise eye liner - sounds hideous but I quite like it. I'm not sure of other colours I could wear with this.. Maybe blue?

This evening I made some fairy cakes, just because I fancied it! I wanted to do all fancy icing but Tesco didn't have any so had to make do with good old Betty Crocker frosting and some Barbie sprinkles :D

I don't know if there will be a big gap in the middle of the pictures, I can't seem to sort it out. My internet has been playing around all week and it's driving me up the wall - from about 7pm to 11:30pm it must get inundated with users because it's painfully slow, it won't even load a page! Which means Blogger is being silly which equals an annoyed Sophie and oddly placed images...

Just remembered! Nearly forgot, again. I won Stefy's giveaway the other day! I got to choose an Inglot blush which I'm excited about because I don't have any Inglot make up - I also needed a new blusher! Thank you Stefy :) Good night all, hope you've had a good weekend.


  1. i've seen that dress everywhere but i refused to pay the full price. SO glad you got it in the sale :) although topshop sales scares me. it's like an elefants trampeed!

    mmmmm, cupcakes are yummy.

  2. I love that little dress, I saw it in Topshop today and was so tempted to get it! <3

  3. such a sweet dress :) I LOVE those little cakes, they are decorated so pretty! In my opinion I love the turquoise eyeliner, it makes such a good statement!


  4. Cute outfit :) the cupcakes look super good !

  5. I have a turquoise eyeliner from Fearne Cotton's range and I adore it!
    Congratulations on getting the dress so cheap, it looks beautiful :)

  6. congrats for the giveaway win :)
    I love it when you find stuff in your size, it's like it's fate! x

  7. I hope you saved me a cake! I LOVE that dress x

  8. that is one of my favourite dresses! I really need to take a look at the topshop sale, and also I like the idea of turqoise eyeliner. I am trying to be a little more adventourous with makeup and experimenting with colour more x

  9. Cute outfit look great on you uumm yumm to the cakes heheh x


  10. yeah everyone has that dress or similar ones, but you know what, i'm glad you got it coz it suits you sooooo well!

    a navy blue cardigan and gold vintage/vintage looking jewellery would look really nice with it!

    www.heycourtnee.blogspot.com :) x

  11. The dress looks lovely on you, such a good sale find! x

  12. hello my lovely,
    ooh no way! sounds so cute! can't wait to see it. this dress is so nice, i literally just bought a really similar one from newlook off ebay, the only difference is that theres a waist band, ooh and maybe it's a bit lighter but anyway yours is a lovely dress! and those cupcake cake look lovely! i can't bake to save my life! xx

  13. wow, love that p.p dress. so many people have it. im still lokking for the perfect one -.-" seen newlook has em.
    plus fedex me some cupcakes they are too cute to eat hahhaah ^^


  14. Cute dress and cakes! They look delicious!
    Want to follow each other?

  15. Hey new to your blog!

    I love the colour of the dress... and the little black cardi looks great layered on top...Cute x


  16. Hello,
    I really loved you blog!!
    I'm already a follower... Could you follow me as well??
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  17. oh my your cupcakes look amazing!! yum yum :) x

  18. those look so delicious, and you sis such a great job decorating them! are fairy cakes different from plain cupcakes??


  19. I love your dress!



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