30 March 2011

Hello Kitty Nails

T-Shirt: MAC Hello Kitty range
Jeans: Primark
Bracelet: MAC cosmetics Hello Kitty range
Diamanté Hair Bow - Accessorize

As usual I got a bit carried away and couldn't just leave it at the nails.. I haven't worn this top or these jeans for months, it's always nice to find something you haven't worn for a while. I think this Barry M Strawberry Icecream could possibly be my favourite nail polish, I only got it recently but I can't get enough of it! Something else I can't get enough of are my square tipped nails (my natural nails btw!), even if they are more prone to breaking.

This t-shirt is from eBay but it's actually one that the MAC staff would have worn during the Hello Kitty promotion so I can pretend I work for MAC ;) Teehee I wish! The bracelet is also from eBay because MAC sold out of them all. Right, I'm seriously babbling, I'll shut up now.



  1. Aww your nails are super cute!!! love Hello Kitty!! :)


    - Jen xox

  2. i love your pink jeans!been on my wishlist!
    and hello kitty tooo!!! :D

    p.s will u check out my first giveaway :D

    liya's giveaway

  3. Those nails are so cute! I love the pink colour and the hello kitty detail is just amazing :) gorgeous blog! Following you now :D


  4. I love Hello Kitty too! I've been thinking lately that seeing as I'll be 22 soon I should grow up and get rid of the masses of Hello Kitty in my room, but I can't! Love the colour of the pink nail varnish too :)

  5. love the pants and amazing nails!

  6. Lovely outfit! I cannot do that with my nails!

  7. I LOVE your nails, soo cute x

  8. How cute!!! So jealous. I want to paint my nails now!

    Missing Amsie Blog

  9. your nails are ADORABLE.
    my best friend is OBSSESSED with hello kitty, so i'm going show her your post and i bet she'll be head over heels!


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