20 March 2011

Sunday Summary #1

I've always wanted to do a Sunday Summary, but I feel as though my week is never exciting enough! I look at other blogs and read about all these amazing things others have done, my week generally only consists of college, my laptop and sulking - with the occassional saturday night out. This week though I've been a bit of a busy bunny which was nice actually, the only negative was I didn't get much work done :S

Horse Riding - (Peachy)
Evil Chicken, named Curry..
Crazy sheep!
The evil chicken had sharp feet!
Elastic bands for my braces... Ouch ;(
I learnt to knit! I've wanted to for years but could never quite get the hang of it because I'm left-handed so everyone gets in a muddle when they try to teach me!
If you've been reading lately you'll know I wanted some knitted cupcakes. My Granny started one for me.
This book was half price in Hobby Craft, I couldn't resist.
Teeth are looking superbly straight, I chose a nice turquoise colour ready for Spring.
My Gramps brought me a little treat :)
Finally getting some inspiration for my Final Major Project, thank the Lord!
There are a few other pictures which you'll see soon too ;) I went to Bluewater yesterday but didn't really get anything so I was pretty disappointed, more on that later though!



  1. This will sound weird, but your teeth look amazing!

  2. i just started working at a yard, the first time i've been in contact with horses properly for about 5 years! i forgot how much hard work it is, but i abdolutely love it! hopefully they'll get me riding him tomorrow which i am STOKED about :D
    peachy looks like (he/she?) is about to go and bomb right ahead!

    awesome choice of colour for your braces by the way :)

  3. @Bel'Rose: Teehee, thanks :)

    @Fiona: Yeah it is hard work, my leg and back muscles certainly weren't the nicest the next day. Lucky you, I want to go riding again - might see if I can go on Tuesday! Peachy (she) can be a bit naughty sometimes :P & thanks :D


  4. Your teeth look great! I had braces for like 2 years and I dont think Ive ever hated anything more in my life XD Those elastic bands were the bane of my existence.
    So worth it in the end though!

  5. Oh wow you horse ride? I've done a few times, but I never really got into it, but I'd love to do it again haha! Lovely post! :) X

  6. Well done on learning to knit! And ouch at the chicken scratches, that looks painful! The inspiration board for your FMP looks really good :) xoxo

  7. sooo jealous of horse riding fun!

  8. that horse is beautiful!
    well done for being able to learn to knit, i can, but i don't have the patience, those knitted cakes look adorable.
    your teeth look amazing! told you the pain would pay off ;)
    also, about the comment you posted on my outfit post, there's a website where you can buy that glasses necklace, i'll try and find it and email it to you! x

  9. Congrats on learning to knit! I'm fairly lucky in that I learnt when I was little but I managed to teach myself everything that isn't knit or purl

  10. Oh, i used to love horse riding when i was younger, so jealous your ride!
    Congrats on learning to knit, my mums just taken it up and i'm considering it too, looks so fun! xx

  11. Peachy is so beautiful!! I'm actually jealous of your braces, my teeth moved when mine came off & I'd love to get that back again (at 25 lol!).

    We're now following you- please follow us back! :)

    Tara (& J)



  12. Aah thank you for the link m'dear- that's so lovely of you!!




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