31 January 2011

January Purchases!

Here's a little round up of pretty much everything I've brought this month - I always like seeing what other people buy so, here's what I got :)

Scrabble Ring: eBay - been meaning to get one for far too long!
17 Matte Top Coat: Boots - I don't recommend this for nail art, it makes the colour on top bleed!
Bracelet: Jack Wills - Just because I'm building up a collection of bands for my wrist, and this one makes me giggle ;)
Badge: Jack Wills - I've put it on my leopard print satchel. It was only 50p too!
Paper clip: Jack Wills - I'm going to get some sort of notice board in my room, I thought it'd look pretty cool.

New Look - Lace Peter Pan Top
Got 20% student discount off this beauty :)
As seen in my last post!

Topshop - Knitted Tipped Epaulette Cape
Was hoping it'd be in the sale, and indeed it was!

As seen in one of my previous posts!

I know the pictures of the clothes do absolutely no favours for them, I have such awful lighting in my room! In future I'm going to put the clothes on or try and photograph them better.
And there we have it! Not a bad month concerning bargains in my opinion :)

This week I'll be working on the blog layout, it's not that great atm tbh! I have some ideas, I've just to find the time to sit down and do it all properly!
Happy February guys ;D


  1. I love that New Look top! I hope its still in stores when I have some extra money to spend hehe. Nice purchases! xoxo

  2. i looked at that cape in the sale for a longggg time! love the scrabble ring, best letter of the alphabet clearly ;) and lovee the new look top! i have it, and have to resist wearing it too much, xxx

  3. @Pearlslaceandruffles - The smallest size they had was a 12 when I went, I loved it so much though I brought it, seems to fit pretty well though! Thanks :) x

    @Sian - Hehe, definitely best letter ;) I wish the weather would warm up so I could wear it more!

  4. I nearly bought that top is New Look the other day, but ended up settling on a cardigan instead. Cardigans are my only weakness, haha.

    Love the ring! I ordered one from eBay a couple of days ago, can't wait for it to arrive :)

  5. Oh that New Look top is adorable! Lovely blog my dear x

  6. Never saw a paperclip like that! Looks really cute and original :) x

  7. Love the scrabble ring, I want one :) x

  8. I love that top! I have an addiction to Peter Pan collars at the moment, adorable!


  9. love the scrabble ring and peter pan collar top

    Bow Dream Nation xx


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