25 January 2011

A Girl Can Never Have...

Too many shoes!
After reading llymlrs' post it got me thinking about Topshop shoes, and how I've been a fan of discovering cheap copies, because lets face it my Topshop ones fall apart anyway... Two of my favourite places are eBay and Chockers shoes, I always pop in there when I'm in London (it's just round the corner from Charing Cross btw!)

Anyway, I thought I'd just share two pairs of my shoes because I have serious love for them :)
Green triple bow shoes - Chockers Shoes - £7!
The Topshop ones would've cost me £22. I got these quite a while ago, summer 09 I think - seems like an absolute age! I'm not really a fan of the colour green but these really pop out.

Topshop face shoes. Surprisingly these only cost me £22, I wouldn't have expected this as they're quite a statement, usually they whack their prices up on things like this. (Sorry for my yucky feet, they were cold, lol!)  I remember seeing these and falling in love instantly but they were sold out a lot of the time. Eventually I managed to pick them up on Boxing Day '09 - not in the sale!

Beyonce was rocking them once too!


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