27 January 2011

I ♥ Sales

Over a month later and I'm still picking up sale items! Left college early today (I really can't deal with it any more - 4 months today until I leave!) and into town I went to look for the GOSH holographic nail polish. It was actually snowing when I left college as well! Brrrrr

Also planned on going in BHS because I've read two posts about the sale jewellery and how good the rings are. (llymlrs and Amy Wears It) Sure enough I went in and found most of the rings reduced to just £2 and my double fingered love Topshop ring at £3 - I paid £6.50 dammit! There were also some other Topshop duplicates (y) Also, if you're looking for some more great sale jewellery head over to Miss Selfridge, they had racks of stuff! (It's not online though)

The lovely SWalker (Youtuber) talked about how good the Peacocks sale was, so I went off to check it out. Didn't really see much I liked but she got some really cute pieces. I did however fall in love a little bit with this little satchel box bag.
Ladies Victoria Bag - Peacocks
Satchel Box Bag - £5

Anyway back to what I originally planned, I managed to grab the Holographic Polish! It was only £2.49 as well, I was really pleased. I was a bit dubious because it doesn't look holographic at all in the bottle, but I've done a lot of reading about it and others had said the same thing. I got the second to last bottle too :D

My second bargain of the day was this one shouldered dress. It's got sort of tiny tiny studs/silver bumps all over it, I've been looking for a new dress for a while now - this one is very nearly perfect aside from the colour, I wanted a purple/blue/red dress but with the price tag I really can't complain! It only cost £5! Reduced from £25 :D From Internacionale - it's pretty similar to Primark and unfortunately you can't buy online.  If you've got one near you, definitely check it out! The picture doesn't really do it much justice, I think I'm going to wear it tomorrow night so I'll post a few pics, along with some of the new polish when I try it out :)

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