04 January 2011

Trends of 2011.

I always look forward to receiving an email from Fashionising.com forecasting the latest trends. I like to be ahead of the game so to speak :)
I already knew about the major trends (back in August! Hehe) It's still good to know however how that trend is evolving. Really its the micro trends that inspire me more, nails, hair, make up. I always have trouble hunting down the latest things in those categories, and Fashionising always helps me out!

Keys Trends

  • 70s glamour - Maybe give this one a miss, don't really think I've ever been a 70s girl!
  • Biker Clothing - I do like a bit of biker clothing, very pleased I decided not to chuck away my biker boots! I'm thinking a pair of panelled leather leggings would be a nice addition to my wardrobe too.
  • Punk Fashion - I've always been a fan of punk, I'll be digging out my ripped skinnies again. It'll also channel in nicely with the Biker trend.
  • 60s Ladylike - This was already coming through in a/w 10. I'm personally not a fan of midi skirts/below the knee but I do love the feminine curves. I look forward to seeing how other people pull off this trend.
Clothing Trends
  • Sheer Maxis - Hmm, fine for when you're on holiday in the baking heat, but in a dull rainy Britain... Think I'll give this one a miss! Really pretty though all the same.
  • Lace Clothing - I do like a bit of lace, especially the evolved lace. Much more classic and less provocative than the underwear as outwear trend. (The link is absolutely stunning)
  • Crochet & Macrame - Love love love it! So intricate. I think Topshop could really pull out some nice pieces.
  • Tassels - Never been sure of tassels, all I can think of are curtain pulls. I do think they look good on shoes though.
  • Bell Bottoms - Not grabbing me, I like my skinny jeans too much!
  • Capri Pants - Like! Think I'd definitely have to wait around and look at all the various styles in shops before I made my decision.
  • Tail Hems - Another of my favourites! Topshop again, I think could pull some gorgeous pieces out of the bag. 
  • Stripes - Not much to comment on really. Can't go wrong with stripes! I'll be pulling out my breton top for the third year running..!
  • Jumpsuits & Playsuits - Will the jumpsuit catch on properly this year? I'd like it to. 
  • Crop Tops - I like crop tops, I'll be happy to see them again. More to the point, I love how they changed for 2011, much more subtle - almost not a crop top, more of a cut out panel. I like. They also mentioned toned stomachs. Damn.
  • Clogs - Never had any love for clogs, definitely be passing these by. Sorry clogs :(
  • Kitten Heels - Also not a fan of kitten heels! I guess my feet are going to be pretty sad.
  • Double hair knot - Mega cute. Time for a YouTube session I think. Looks fairly simple?!
  • Braided top knot - I don't think top knots suit me, but I do like them!
  • Waved bob - I think Miss Chung brought this to fame..
  • Bob with fringe - Love full fringes, got a bohemian 60s/70s feel to it. Messy and effortless.
  • Pixie cut - Emma Watson's pixie cut is to die for. I'm sure you've all seen it already!
Phew, that was lengthy post...
I didn't see a mention of the 'pie crust collar' - the Peter Pan collars sibling, which Topshop tipped to be a hit for 2011. I shall keep my eyes open..!

Image Credits: Fashionising.com and Google Images.

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