07 January 2011

It fills you up but never stays, its only good to wash away. Today

I have literally done nothing vaguely exciting in 2011, apart from a few drunken antics on New Years Day and then I went out for a meal last night before some of my friends go back to Uni. I wish university wouldn't steal them for so long. What the actual heck am I going to do when my best friend goes in September. Hello recluse :(

Anyway, I have a few extra dates to add to my 'things to look forward to in January'. I guess these are the little things that get me through the week. I think you've always got to have something to look forward to otherwise what's the point? 

Onwards and upwards then... 

001. Skins - Season 5 - Starts end of Jan. I can't find an exact date but they're usually on a Thursday night, maybe the 27th? On E4
Skins is back with a brand new cast, which I guess means we're not going to find out what happened to Freddie! A lot of people around my age slate Skins for the ridiculous story lines etc, but I secretly love a bit of drama. I think sometimes people forget that it is only for entertainment purposes! It'll be sad not to see Effy in it, I've always liked her style. Style is one of the main reasons why I watch Skins, I always draw inspiration for my own outfits. 
Actually, thinking back to there being no Effy... Why don't the old characters come back? I highly doubt they all go to University or move away at 18. And even so, they don't even appear in the holidays, hmmm. Yeah, I'll shut up about Skins now!

Image: e4.com/skins

002. True Blood - Season 3 - FX - 14th January
Another one of my favourite programmes returning in January! If you haven't watched it, I think of it as an adult version of Twilight. Much more dramatic too.

003. And lastly, I won some Models Own make-up! Hurrayyy! So I shall be waiting for that to arrive. Fingers crossed I get the lilac nail varnish as apparently that's up for grabs! Anyone can enter, you've just got to become a fan on their Facebook. And then you play the 'Handbag grab'. Admittedly it took me a while but I had nothing better to do, hehe! I shall do a blog post when it arrives.

Also, this Sunday (9/01/10) you get a free Models Own make up kit from Fabulous mag/News of the World. You just have to collect two tokens, and your Tesco's has to be a participating store - which I doubt mine will be.

So, hopefully this January won't be too bad after all. Also, I found out that there isn't a Boots near me that stock Nail Inc. which means I can't get the Diet Coke free nail varnish promotion! Which is a shame.


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