08 January 2011

Spring Term

My current favourite shop Jack Wills, gave me a sneaky preview of the new Spring Term collection. I always get shockingly excited for these things especially when I wasn't expecting to see anything until the 12th January!

First thing I saw was the Kirkbridge Gilet in a new colour... I'm so so pleased I didn't ask for a Gilet for Christmas, because I swear everyone got/has one. Gain a bit of individuality people! They do look dead nice on though. Continued scrolling down the page, and all I really see is the same as last season churned out in different colours and styles. I know that JW are like that, but these all seem a bit too similar for my liking. Oh well.

I do like this t-shirt though. Not sure about the v neck?! Definitely have to see it in the flesh. The floral underwear is also really pretty, but I did just get a JW's undies. I also had a sneak peek at the mens stuff because I fancy a boyfriend cardigan - nothing grabbed me though!

I guess the Homewares was the most exciting bit for me! I love this cushion despite it being well out of my price range! This umbrella is on my wishlist, it's pretty cool.
I'm also really drawn to this giant paperclip, lol! I've been meaning to get some sort of notice board which I can collage and put random stuff on in my room for a while now. I think this would set it off very nicely!
Didsbury Giant Paper Clip

And so there's my round-up of the Spring Term so far. I'm pretty disappointed with the clothing, it all seemed very bland if I'm honest. Hopefully there will be some more pieces which have a bit of pattern on and some without JACK or WILLS slapped on it. I guess that's what people want though nowadays. Personally, I'm not a walking label.

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