27 January 2011

Chanel Nails

 After reading the post on Sophy Robson's blog about fluro green nails being big for S/S 11, I decided to dig out my Barry M Spring green polish and do a bit of nail art! I brought it because it was a cheap replica of the much sought after Chanel Jade green shade which was sold out everywhere!
Image: Fashionbinge
Quilted thumb nail inspired by Chanel bags
Chanel logo on ring finger made blurry by 17 Matte top coat!
Spring Green - Barry M - £2.95
Black Nail striper - Andrea Fulerton - 4.99
17 Matte Top Coat - 3.99
Chanel no. 5 refillable perfume holder.


  1. Oh I love that green colour, it's so summery! :) XX

  2. They are really similar! Lovely colour x

    Bows and Pearls


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