26 January 2011

Fabulous meets Models Own

Possibly the best collaboration ever? Hang on. Diet Coke and Nails Inc? Oh wait there isn't one near me. I'm really thankful to Models Own and Fabulous Magazine (free with News of the World) If you didn't get your mitts on it, unfortunately it's finished now :( Also, on their Facebook page they were also running a competition where you could win Make-up, ASOS vouchers, Pizza Express vouchers and some spa vouchers. I managed to win a Models Own nail file, and then I made my mum play and she won a mascara ;)
My Verdict: Really nice mascara, not clumpy at all, quite a thin mixture which you wouldn't expect considering the big chunky brush. Gives a long natural effect and coats all the lashes evenly. I also love that it dries quickly. If you wanted to build it up it wouldn't take ages to do. If I had to pick at it, I'd say the worse thing is the smell... But who smells mascara?! Definitely recommend this!
Six way Nail Buffer
My Verdict: I really like it, I like how you can do the different steps to achieve the various effects, particularly like the 'shine it' side - you can really see the difference! The only thing con about it is the size, it's nearly 15cm long so it's bigger than your average nail file. I also think the colours are really funky! Also, I find with some nail files the sides are really rough and tend to hack half you nail off, this one doesn't.

I think the packaging is also really modern and trendy also...A huge thumbs up to Models Own! (y). So now, moving on to my free NOTW Models Own eye make up kit. I decided to set myself a challenge and use only the things that came in the kit to create a make-up look.


Here's the look I created using the free make up. Clearly I didn't do a very good job with the tweezers haha but you get the idea :D 
Liquid Eye-liner: Models Own currently don't do a liquid eye-liner so this is the closest you can get! The applicator for this eye liner isn't like ones I'm used to, it's like a hard sponge. I found it okay to work with and the point was good - you couldn't really get a thin line though. It's got a good consistency and lasted a relatively long time, also dried quickly which was great.
Eyelash curlers: These are the first pair of eyelash curlers I've ever owned so I can't really compare! They did do their job though so I'm happy :)
Tweezers: Your average tweezers - love the colour! 

Mascara: Strange brush, lots of little hairs. Gives a good even coverage with a natural effect. Similar to the one I listed above.
Two eye shadows: My favourite out of the kit! They're really creamy and smooth to apply. Easy to blend as well and have a really pretty shimmer. The grey is really good for creating a smokey eye and you can use the gold as a highlight as it's quite light. Good thing about this is that it'd be great for both day and night. Definitely recommend! You can get your hands on some similar ones here.
Overall, I thought the whole offer was brilliant, you couldn't really go wrong with it. You also received a 25% off voucher at Models Own, which is quite a substantial amount, I might get a nail polish or two because I really want to try them. I'm really grateful that I got all of these goodies, thanks again Models Own and Fabulous! And another little thing, you can get a free eye liner with your first Models Own purchase :)


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