01 February 2011

Holographic Nails

Before I start, applecherriemango has a great giveaway going you should have a peek! And if you're not into giveaways she's still got a lovely blog!

As I said, I'd show you the GOSH Holographic nail varnish which I acquired recently! I'm really pleased with it - the application is dodgy but I honestly can't stop looking at it!

Messing around with my camera!
More messing around - sparkles!
I adore this polish, if you're a bit of a magpie like myself then get your talons on this shiny gem ;)
As I was writing this post, a little friend of mine came to help me...!
Selma! Kitty #2
And then... I watched Rihanna's new video for her song S&M. Despite the song and the video being overly sexual I love it :D Watch it here. Then I got a bit carried away and did chains and a whip on my nails!

I only did them quickly so they're nothing special! 
Also, a big hello to my followers - they genuinely make me happy!



  1. I love nail art, I'm rubbish at doing it myself though. Is that your cat? So cute :) xx

  2. Yeah it is, she's a funny little thing!

  3. i love nail art, and this GOSH nail varnish is gorgeous! i'll definitely be getting it :) xxx


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