06 January 2013

Stars of 2012

Like most people this year I loved the Naked palette, Real Techniques brushes and of course, the one and only Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection concealer. I won't bang on about them because I'm sure we've all heard enough about them to go to the moon and back but if you haven't got them I strongly suggest you look into them!

Something I don't think gets enough recognition are the Fashionista blushers. They are extremely pigmented (almost too!) There's a whole range of colours to suit everyone and the best bit is you can customise your own palette for around £10/12! The shade Juicy Apricot is my favourite shade; a lovely glowing coral. 

A ridiculous purchase of mine last year was the Burberry eye shadow in Pale Barley. I can't believe I spent £22.50 on a single eyeshadow! It was certainly a one off treat. It is an absolutely gorgeous eye shadow though, perfectly silky. I bought it mainly because I felt it was a shade the Naked palette was missing. 

I found two new favourite lip colours last year, Creme Cup by Mac and Cotton Candy by Collection 2000. Both are really easy to wear and smell delicious too! The Maybelline gel eyeliner has also had a lot of love over 2012, really black and lasts for ages.
Natural Collection Mango and Papaya body spray was a pleasant surprise for me, I didn't hold out high hopes but it smells good and is great for a quick freshen up, only £2 as well! My perfume of the year was Benefit's So Hooked On Carmella, full of vanilla - my favourite! 

Soap & Glory's Hand Maid probably saved me from all the winter bugs and germs going round and it doesn't smell like alcohol like most antibacterial hand gels do. To keep my hands nice and moisturised I really liked L'Occitane's hand cream, thick and non greasy - not bad at all for a magazine freebie! 

£1 Primark backcombing brush. Does the job and is great for parting your hair too!
Being a complete nail fanatic, it was tricky to pick my favourite nail polishes but I narrowed it down to five. I loved having neon nails but Models Own 'Beach Party' and 'Bubblegum' were my favourites, both extremely bright and in your face! Nails Inc 'Bare' (free with InStyle mag) was my perfect nude and it gets used a lot under glitters. Topshop's 'Adrenalin' was my absolute favourite glitter. So sparkly and holographic - an absolute must if you love glitter! I used 'Pool Party' on my toes during the Summer as well as my nails, it's the ultimate Tiffany blue shade.
Fashion favourites for 2012? Definitely frilly socks. I have numerous pairs spilling out my sock drawer in an array of colours, they're just so cute! My cat tee was another firm favourite of mine, casual but still added something to a simple outfit. Going along with the cat theme, my evil kitty bracelet spent a lot of time on my wrist as well as this Jesus bracelet. My leather jacket was also a staple and I can see it lasting me years to come!

I couldn't do this post without giving my beautiful iPad a mention! I bought it with my first pay and haven't looked back! Worth every penny!

What were your favourites in 2012? 


  1. I really want to try the fashionista blushes, everytime I go into superdrug I always swatch them, so swoon-worthy! I really need to get myself some of the real techniques brushes too! Frilly socks would probably be in my fashion favourites too, they're such a staple and so cute!

    Pip x

  2. I got the real techniques brushes for Christmas and love them already. I have a post coming up which features them and the naked palette too as they feature in my everyday make up :)
    Also love the L'Occitane hand cream too one of the best freebies ive got from a mag :)

  3. Love Loccitane Hand cream! I have the naked palette on my wishlist! Fingers crossed! :)


  4. This may sound a bit odd, but you take such pretty pictures!

    Great blog sweetie xx


  5. Ohhh I just LOVE those nail polishes!! They look gorgeous!! xx

  6. Super wrap-up! I went to America in the middle of the year and stocked up on a maaaassive selection of MAC goodies, so that was probably the beauty highlight of my year! They were so much cheaper than we can get them in Australia :) I have also fallen in love with too many nail polishes to count, but sadly at the moment I'm working at an ice cream shop where we aren't allowed nail polish - so disappointing. As for fashion, my pick would definitely have to be my Mulberry Alexa - I finally saved enough money for it :)


  7. Love this post, I think the nail polishes are my favourites. I've just got back into doing my nails xx

    Lucy Loves To Blog

  8. Love this! Just found you! Will be stopping back!


  9. creme cup was my first ever mac lipstick and is still to this day my favourite! xx

  10. i love the real technique brushes!!!
    they're amazing! i can wait to top up my collection

  11. I love Hand Maid and the Naked Palette! Just ordered my real techniques brushes- can't wait for them to arrive! Great post, really interesting!
    Rosy x

  12. ohhhhhhhhh i have heard such good things about the Collection 2000 concealer i wish i could get that in Canada!!!


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