14 January 2013

Sale Shopping

I am the first to admit I am a huge bargain hunter, and I shop far too much! I'm not one of those crazy awake at 5am on Boxing Day shoppers but I do like going on the first day of the sales. I didn't get loads, just a few little bits and pieces, which I probably didn't need!
I made a Lush order first, I'm really surprised I managed it - the Lush website is notoriously bad on Boxing Day, but here it is. There wasn't much in the sale but as there isn't a Lush near me I try/buy very little Lush so the only thing here I've tried before is Snow Fairy! Everything above was half price and they even threw in a free face mask - thumbs up from me!
I've been eyeing this blusher duo up ever since it came out last year, I was very happy to pick it up for £6 (from Topshop) and I can't wait to try it out. I saw these make up brushes in Jack Wills for £4 each and thought I'd try them out as they seem of reasonable quality - you can never have too many eye shadow brushes!
I found this Topshop spike bracelet for £4 instead of £8. You can't really tell from the picture but it's gold with alternating petrol like duo chrome spikes. The bag was £6 from New Look instead of £15, the ring was £1 from River Island down from £3 and this nail polish in 'Hypnotic' I bagged for £3 rather than £6. Bargains galore!
How pretty is this ring?! It was £4.25 from Topshop, I think 90% of my jewellery is made up of the Topshop sale!
These were my best sale buy of the year, it was just fate. I was shocked to find these in my Topshop as they didn't stock the J.W Anderson pieces, saw they were £30 instead of £50, tried them on and they fit beautifully took them to the till to find out they'd gone down to £15!!! So happy I got them :)

I also got a jumper which you'll see in my next outfit post! What was your best sale bargain?


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  2. I love Love. I don't buy much there either, but their stuff always smells so divine. I'm SO jealous you managed to score a pair of the J.W Anderson for Topshop jeans, they're so cute.


  3. I LOVE the lush haul! I attempted to get some things from the Lush online sale on boxing day but gave up due to the slow response times!

    Definitely was fate! Looks lovely!

  4. Wow - I love the jeans they are so cute.
    I wish I looked on the LUSH site on boxing day :(



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