23 January 2013

Wish List #27

I haven't done a wish list for nearly 2 whole months! Shocker. Wish list numero 27 comes right after I decide it's time for a spending ban (where's the logic in that?!) I have holidays to pay for and clothes to buy for those holidays, oh and duty free! Is anybody else on a spending ban? How well are you doing?
Leggings | Rings | Top | Skirt | iPhone 5 | Shoes
I get so much wear out of my black skinny jeans, I've been looking for something similar but with a little extra. Since I got this skirt, I've really fallen in love with pleather detailing!

I've been looking for a boxy crop top and at first I wanted this one, but then I spied this mirrored cheetah one on the new in section on Topshop and decided this was definitely the one. Slightly reminiscent of the Katie Eary one too!

My little Samsung Tocco Lite celebrated it's 4th birthday recently and, although it's served me well and still is, I think it really is time to get a new phone! Hellooo iPhone 5. My iPad is crying out for a friend ;)

Shoes with bunnies on, what more do you need really? Sooo cute! 

What's on your wish list?


  1. Love the crop top and skirt, they're both so cute. I'm very keen to join the iPhone club too, hehe!


  2. those shoes, they are on my wishlist! xx

  3. I absolutely love the shoes, I'd love the flat pair! xo

  4. Great wish list! I've just caved and got an iPhone and after having a blackberry I love it!

  5. Thank you for your comment on my blog, just had a peak round here and I love it! You've picked out all my favorite items too. I'm really dying to buy that skirt from topshop but like you, I'm trying not to spend money! xx

  6. I'm desparate for an iphone too and those bunny shoes have to be the cutest things i've ever seen x


  7. Such cute clothes :)

    love char_beyy xx



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