27 January 2013

Blog Love #2

I've been meaning to do another one of these posts for a while now and I thought what better time to do it - ahead of tonight's #bbloggers chat which I usually partake in on Twitter every Sunday night from 8. Tonight's topic is share the love :) So, here are some of my favourite blogs I've been reading recently.
Sam's blog is one I discovered more recently on one of the chats one night, ever since I've really been enjoying her blog. She takes some lovely photos and her most recent post features her business cards she made which I think came out really successfully!
I've been reading Lydia's blog for a fair amount of time now but I still can't get enough! Her outfits are just amazing and super stylish and she has the most incredible figure which will leave you green with envy! I'm currently lusting after her Bart Simpson jumper.
Jess is one of my little blogging buddies, so naturally I read her blog as well as watch her Youtube channel! I've currently really been enjoying the variety of posts she does, fashion, beauty, little DIYs, hauls and tags. 
Jess and Tash are besties in real life, so they pretty much come as a pair! I love Tash's blog layout, it's so cute. Her blog mainly consists of fashion and beauty with the odd haul throw in. Her Youtube channel is also really good, go and subscribe :)
Pasha's blog is another I discovered recently through the #bbloggers chats. Her outfits are amazing and she does some really great eBay posts. Got to love an eBay bargain! I'm currently drooling over her make up collection and storage in her latest post.

Have you discovered any new favourite blogs?


  1. AAH thank you for mentioning me girlieee, love you :) Xxxxxxx

  2. ah i love these too, and I really like Pasha's header :) ox

  3. Such a lovely post, agree on the lovely bloggers and now found a new one! Thank you


  4. Love finding new blogs!

  5. I love Sam's blog too, I'll be checking out the others :) x


  6. Thanks for recommending me these awesome blogs :D


  7. Such a lovely post, I love finding new blogs via the bbloggers chat :) xo

  8. This is a lovely way of finding blogs to follow - Great post!! <3
    Lots of love from

  9. I found your blog from the #bbloggers chat & i'm now following you!(:

  10. I think this sharing the love fest is great! Loved bbloggers last night, nice to see everyone giving such great recommendations : )


  11. Love your blog - I'm a new follower :) xx


  12. Yes, my new favourite is yours! :) Cute blog, and lovely post.



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  16. I love posts like these! I've only read a couple of these blogs, it's great to find some fab new ones! xxx

  17. lovely blog!

    Do you want to follow each other? :)

    xx ♥

  18. I love these type of posts. Always find lovely new reads :D Tash's blog is gorgeous! (as is yours!)

    Lizzums x

  19. This a good way of finding blogs x

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  20. I don't follow any of these blogs, so I'm off for a good read!xxx


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