30 January 2013

What Happened in January

Green photo, thanks Photobucket! | Christmas chocolates | Yes! | Become addicted to hot chocolate this month | Summing up 2012 | Braved the snow | Lush bath | Snow, yay! | More snow | Umm, more snow? | Leggings for snowy days | "I don't like snow! MEOOWWW!" | Horsey dress up ;) | My little pony | Abandoned bus | Bargain jeans
RIDE IT | Bunny lamp | Glitterz | Pinning | Curly girly | House of Holland | eBaying | Rubbish candle | Blog sale anyone? | Valentine's present | Upcoming post | Looking through old nights out pictures, haha!
Some of these pictures aren't in the right order for some odd reason, I'm sure you get the gist though! January really isn't the most exciting month, I always find it such an anti climax after all the Christmas cheer. Christmas seems like SO long ago! The snow was pretty exciting, although I might be alone in that statement! I enjoyed the January sales too but that's come to a stop as I'm now putting myself through one months spending ban. Going well so far, I'm a week in and have only spent a couple of quid.

January has included me becoming addicted to Pinterest, I can't stop! Leave your links below, my link is here. Also I really have loved blogging this month. It's so nice to interact with all of you and I've had some really lovely comments. Thank you so much! ♥

February should be a bit more of an exciting month, PANCAKE DAY! There's also LFW, it's my dream to attend one day! Are any of you going?


  1. All the snow pictures look lovely!! :) xox

  2. Abandoned bus! Haha! When in Kent eh?! Your pony is very cute by the way :)

    Ashleigh x


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