09 April 2011

Wish list #7

Three weeks to this day we'll see the Royal Wedding :) I'm really looking forward to it - although I seem to be the minority?! Anyone else excited? I decided to comprise a little royal wish list. I've already decided what I'm wearing on the 29th and I'll be painting Union Jacks on my nails... Eager much?
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1. Bunting has been on my mental wish list for sometime now, even before the Royal Wedding was announced, I want to put it all round my room. I want to try making some but I might get lazy and just buy some!
2. I thought this crown ring was cute whether it's a wedding or not.
3. I love customised Union Jacks, things like this are cute just to decorate your room with.
4. I could do with some new socks, mine are either wearing thin or are huge chunky winter ones.
5. How pretty is this dress?! It looks better in real life too, I'm going to have to go and try it on. Also, I think it's a bit of a steal at £34 minus student discount too - bargain!
6. I thought these mugs are a really clever idea - they're from Jack Wills in case you're wondering why I'm thinking a mug is clever haha.

Also have a look on the Accessorize website if you want some more ideas for the wedding, they have all sorts!
Have you got any royal things you want to get? 


  1. Thank-you for the comment my lovely,
    Haha I love this so much! such a good idea..
    Oh my goodness, what the fuck, wasn't there anything you could do about it though because of your grade going down that much surely there was? :/ xx

  2. Red is my favourite colour and I lovee this dress! I'll be watching it because I want to see Kate's dress hahaa:)x

  3. Ooh such a cute post, I love the ring! Amy,x

  4. I actually well like that dress, very cute :) xx

  5. Those bunting socks are just too cute! Epps...I can't wait to see how the royal wedding unfolds...exciting! ;)

  6. Ah that dress is sooooo cool, completely the wrong colour for me because of my hair but it's amazing!
    Ellie xxxxx

    check ma blog? im new :) ohmyellie.blogspot.com

  7. can i steal some ideas from your wish list?! haha

    stop by sometime<3

  8. oh i seriously love that dress, red is definitely my favourite colour!!!

  9. I don't get it no one is excited but part of me wants to go all retro and wave little flags.great blog am following we should follow each other x

  10. that dress is totally adorable!! and i love those socks :)


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