01 April 2011

Wish list #6

Here's the latest installment of my wishlist or perhaps dreamlist!

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1. These shorts remind me of the Topshop American flag ones, these are a bit less flashy and not as many people will have them :) I've wanted these for ages, I believe I first saw them in the January ASOS magazine, but they never put them online.
2. I think every girl should own a Chanel compact, they're actually less than I thought although £22 isn't exactly cheap!
3. I'm pretty amazed by the Aztec one of these so I want to give this a go. It's currently out of stock though!
4. These are also out of stock (in nude) I'm not sure if I like the nude or black and if they are a bit formal? I've found some other contenders though!
5. I don't have any of these colours - which is quite something considering I do love my nail varnish!


  1. love those shorts! hope they get them x

  2. Those shorts are amazing! x

  3. That nail polish looks so pretty! I would buy it but I don't think there is an Accessorize in the US :(

  4. Hi there! Lovely wishlist! Those shorts are so fresh! :) & I agree that every girl should have a Chanel compact!

  5. I want these shorts, completely agree with you. Same sort of style as the USA flag ones except a lot easier to wear x

  6. those shorts are amazing!
    nice wishlist!

  7. I will always want a chanel compact!


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