02 April 2011

Signs don't show

No face today, the hair and face just weren't up for it today :P
Cardigan - New Look
Tank Top - Bay Trading
Shorts - Topshop Sale (£5!)
Tights - New Look Sale (£2!)

- Not entirely sure about this outfit, I do love my tights though :D I've had them since October and haven't laddered them yet which is a miracle considering I've worn them on nights out too! 
- I've been baking cakes for the majority of the day, my Grandparents are coming over for a Mother's Day Lunch tomorrow so I did them in advance. I've got my mum some Lush stuff which is stinking out my room despite it being in a bag, I'm not sure I'm too keen on the smell any more either!
- These shorts are probably nearing their second birthday, still quite shocked I only got them for a fiver! 

A few to follow:



  1. So much love for your tights!

  2. That's a really cute + interesting look! Those shorts are awesome definite bargain for a fiver!


  3. Wow, I really like your shorts. I am a new follower now. Hope you will take a look at my blog, and follow if you like.

    Lea Soe,

  4. thank-you for the comment my lovely!
    nomonomonom, he's mine! xx

  5. Those tights are so so cute!! xo


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