28 April 2011

The Preparations

Hello all, here's a post if you're not feeling that 'wedding fever' yet. Personally, I've found the whole Royal Wedding affair a grand excuse to get crafty and avoid any college work :) Here are some of the things I've been working on!
Paperchains - Accessorize

Union Jack Nails - a bit messy and mucked up on my little finger!
Paper Bunting using this tutorial
Still lots more to be strung...!
- I've also been making a few other bits, and I have some cupcakes to ice, we're not doing anything particularly special, my grandparents are coming round for a kitsch little lunch (including: cucumber sandwiches and trifle!) I'll show you all tomorrow, I'm thinking it could be a hefty post! What are you all doing for the wedding?

- I'm going to rag my hair tonight which could have some interesting results... I've been looking for ways to curl my hair without using heat, partly because my hair's a bit long for curlers! 

- Lastly, I've revamped my Tumblr because people seemed to be enjoying my recent picture posts so I thought you might like to see more pictures on a daily basis, it's such a good source of inspiration as well. It still needs a bit of work with the layout I might add - oh how I love html. Also if you've got a Tumblr leave it below I'd like to look at them :)



  1. I love getting crafty too! Paper Bunting looks really lovely. Ohh you must show your hair, I'd love to know how to rag my hair!

  2. I just knew you would do union jack nail art! And personally I havent done any preperation other than it a cake from cooplands. I like the idea of bunting though, so I think I'm going to adapt it for my bedroom!

  3. lovely blog you have here :)
    i'm super excited to watch wedding tonight.
    also, i can't stop playing with the cursor on your tumblr, that snowy effect is awesome!

  4. Wow your nails look great! And love the bunting you've done xx

  5. Wow this is great! Love your nails, must have taken ages x

    Just a Thought

  6. You have been busy! Nice work, I love the paper chains x


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