24 February 2011


I returned from Hobbycraft this evening (I brought a giant cupcake mould :D I couldn't resist, especially as it was in the sale!) to find a pretty package waiting for me. If you aren't aware, I won Lily's giveaway the other day, very very exciting! Prepare for pictures...
Beautifully wrapped :)
Gold clasp clutch
Teehee ;)

A mountain of doilies! Will have to put them in every possible space in the house :P
My favourite ♥ Vintage Jaeger cardigan, it screams Chanel to me though!

In an array of patterns and sizes!
Being put to good use already. (Don't ask me why I have a bunny in a birdcage, he seems to fit in there well)

My mum wants to get her hands on the cardigan! She'll have to fight me. I just wanted to say thank you again Lily, I truly love everything and everything goes so well together too! She's put a lot of effort into it - likewise with her blog. I'm actually wearing the rings this very moment! I'm going to London on Monday and I plan on wearing the cardigan, rings and nail varnish, I can't wait :)



  1. Congratulations again on winning! The cardigan is beautiful :) I love how the nailpolish and the red in the rings match the cardigan.

  2. oh my goodness, thank-you so much! you've made me blush i'm so pleased you like them! i love your bird cage, i've always thought about getting one of them but then i kept thinking i'd pile it up with jewellery and it would all fall down.. AH you lucky girl going to London, i love it so much have a good time! (also.. i think it's a mum thing with that cardigan my mum liked it too! hahah) have a lovely time in london girly <3

  3. well done! i love lily's blog so, so much (: and that cardigan is lovely, no wonder your mum wants to steal it (:


  4. Thanks Alex, it all matches so well :D
    Lily - Haha, you sweet thang! I have the cardigan hanging from my bed - all my recent clothes all get displayed in all their glory for a while! My birdcage is from Homesense btw, they have loads! Thanks will do :) Going on my own though but hey ho!


  5. Really like the cardigan.. so cute and the ring is lovely.

  6. the cardingan is really nice !

    and the ring si stunning

    come forr a visit and sign as follower I'll do back

    ciao ave

  7. What a fabulous find that cardigan was and yes very Chanel like xoxo

  8. That cardigan is so nice! and those rings are gorgeous. just found your blog :) its really cool XX

  9. that's a lovely, well thought-out prize.
    well done for winning :)<3


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