08 February 2011


I hit 21 followers last night which is so so so exciting! It makes me really happy people like to see what I do and that someone out there is taking an interest in me. (I hope that doesn't sound selfish!) I've been feeling quite lonely and a bit depressed at college lately so these things cheer me up :)

Today I thought I'd show you my Burberry-esque nails complete with some matching make-up! My dear granny gave me this Burberrys silk square too which I was ecstatic about! (She plays a lot of golf and won it as a prize once! Maybe I should take up golf?!)

I love painting my nails with designer patterns/logos - I also did some accompanying make up. I probably won't wear all these things together it might be a bit much...!

The yellowy gold is totally not the right colour but hey ho, it was the closest I had!
Then I did a bit of eye make up using the colours. 

Please excuse my eyebrows, I fancied having a break from plucking!


  1. The nails look so good! I wish I was that creative!

  2. Great nails! I like to play around with my nailpolish to. And I'm having a break from plucking my eyebrows to..they were getting really thin and I was afraid I'd end up with nothing, haha! I don't even like thin eyebrows on myself..hmm..

  3. The nail pattern came out really good! Your eye colour is amazing hun! x

  4. I love Burberry, your nails look so good

  5. wow these are awesome nails! xx

  6. The nails look amazing, as if you did that yourself!

  7. Your nail art is so impressive!
    I know what you mean about getting more followers - it makes you feel justified in what you're posting, doesn't it? =]

  8. Thank you everyone :)
    @Stacey - Erm, yeah I did do them myself, that's why if you zoom in you can see the lines are wonky and go over my cuticles!
    @Emma - Indeed it does, I love it!


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