02 February 2011

Cape and Fishtail

I went into town today on the hunt for a YSL inspired ring and for a charity shop browse which I do occasionally. I was extremely unsuccessful on both parts! I saved some money though so it's not all bad! I think I might go to Primark tomorrow after college if I can be bothered to walk. Here's what I wore.

Topshop Knitted Cape
Next Navy and Pink striped top
Topshop Floral Jeggings
H&M Bunny Ring from pack of 4 animal rings
Jack Wills Wristband
Links of London charm bracelet
Topshop ribbon and chain watch

If you want to know how I did the fishtail braid, there are hundreds of tutorials on Youtube. It takes several attempts so be patient! :)



  1. gorgeous cape, I love navy and gold buttons! If I had long hair I'd wear it in fish tail plaits all the them, they're so great =)

    Bow Dream Nation xx

  2. I gave up on the french braid even haha. I'm impressed!


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  3. I love these plaits, they looks so effortless, however they bloomin aren't. You've done a nice job my dear & the cape/jewellery is lovely :) x

  4. i loveee doing fishtail braids! but my hairs still a bit too short it doesnt look as good as it does on really long hair like yours. really really might have to go and snap that cape out of the sale before its too late and i regret it forever... xx

  5. that plait is well nice! i want my hair to be longer so i can copy you :)
    what was you doing in amsterdam? or can i guess! ahahaha purrrs xxxx

  6. love the hair! thankyou for the comment on my blog, I hope that you are following me too :)


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