05 February 2011

The one and only...

YSL Arty Ring! No I haven't purchased one! (Only in my dreams...)
I have however been hunting high and low to find a ring similar to it/ a replica - proving quite tricky though. And if you don't know what on earth I'm on about;

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The only trouble is, one of these babies will set you back about £120. I unfortunately can't afford that so I've been on a serious mission to track something similar down! I found there were lots of rings which had definitely drawn inspiration from the arty ring but for me personally none of them really grabbed me. However, I do like most of my picks, and I thought you guys might like them too as this ring is highly desired out in the blog world! I think I'll just have to go for third best haha..

My favourites from the above are the third one in from Topshop and the silver H&M one (why is it not gold?!) The Boohoo star one was just a little twist. As for the gold tube like ones, I had an idea of buying one and then putting the Forever21 one on the next finger perhaps.

If you've found anything I've missed let me know! I've spent hours looking!

P.s. Sorry if you're fed up of all the jewellery - I have another planned for Monday :P


  1. I would absolutely love to have an Arty ring. I can think of lots better to spend my money on though!

  2. gosh these rings are fancy!

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  4. greeeat post! the ysl ring is so so stunning i WANT it,

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  5. My favourite's the fourth one in on the top row.
    I like the YSL one but I think I'd be too worried to wear it in case I lost it!

  6. Loving the first three on the second row! x

  7. I especially like the forever 21 ring! And I've seen a cuff from topshop with this sort of pattern on on a lot of blogs :)

  8. I think my favourite colour has to be the purple one. But the topshop rings are gorgeous too

  9. i think i like the third one from topshop best too (:


  10. Thank you for this post! It's so useful to see all these rings side by side. I've seen a lot of them before, but never really compared them to each other :)

    I love the H&M one and the 4th Topshop one! So so pretty <3

    I'm your newest follower, if you were curious, haha.

  11. i want that YSL ring sooo bad, thanks for sharing some alternative ones! i quite like the 3rd topshop one :) x

  12. I'd have picked the third one from Topshop as well! I like the colour of the stone!

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  14. If you find a good imitation do share!

  15. I agree the YSL ring is beautiful buts its basically out of stock everywhere :( Love the other rings though! xx

  16. soin love with ysl rings<3

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