12 February 2011

The best things in life are free!

On a bit of a freebie win today! I've learnt that Boots Advantage cards are one of the most amazing things invented :) If you don't have one, I suggest you sign up for one.

Went into Boots because I wanted some new Barry M nail paints, I'm trying to build up a nice collection of them  not only because they're amazing but they also fit in my draw well! They didn't have a huge selection but they did have two I wanted, both pastel colours - Strawberry Ice cream and Berry Ice cream. I just need a pastel orangey peachy colour now!

And then my mum brought two No.7 products and she needed a third item because they do a 3 for 2 offer, she didn't want anything so I got myself a L.E lipstick in Bridgette! This is from the Spring/Summer Collection,  which overall I thought was really nice. I love the packaging as well.

In high spirits I went into Topshop and picked up a dress which I'm not going to show you yet! I think everyone's going to have it though :S Completely forgot about The Sun and Barry M free make up offer, and zoomed over to WH Smiths in hope of them having the paper, which they did! With part one complete, I tore the token out and whipped over to Superdrug to claim the make up. I was successful!

I like the eyeliner and lipgloss, I'm not sure about the nail varnish, it's sort of a reddy pink - I can't decide if I like it or not. The lipgloss matches my Strawberry Icecream nail varnish rather well though!

I wore a bit of a Valentines outfit today - Heart print tights, Love ring and Love earrings!
Lace Jumper - Topshop (Loads of other shops have copied it though!)
Tube skirt - New Look
Heart Print Tights - Primark
I also wore my double fingered love ring but I took it off before these photos. The top has a black acrylic paint mark on it, the tights have the above Barry M nail varnish on them and a ladder in them. I can safely say I'm one messy pup.
How has your weekend been so far? Anybody else love their Boots Advantage card?



  1. I really want that lippy! So gutted I'm ill and haven't been able to get the token:(xxx

  2. I love it when I realise I have enough points on my advantage card to buy something I want :)

    Love those nail polishes, I'm trying to build up my collection now xxx

  3. I absolutely love my boots card!
    It gets me loads of little bargains :)
    cute outfit! x

  4. wow you have had an aaaamazing day shopping! so jel! i LOVE that lipstick and the packaging how much are they? im tempted!

  5. the advantage card is pretty awesome x

  6. Just discovered your blog and love it! Now following you xx

  7. i love those colours. thanks for your comment babe!

    F. (opinionslave.blogspot.com) x

  8. Thanks for your comment on my blog! £10 IS quite a lot for lipstick! but it is lovely, better save up those advantage points! xx

  9. I have the grey and lace jumper! Love the No 7 lipstick, it's totally up my street

    Bow Dream Nation xx

  10. I love Boots they always have the most amazing offers I dont think I have brought anything there for ages that was not on offer.

    Great picks of nail colours xoxo

  11. So about the Advantage Card, the amount of times it's saved me when I'm out of money and toner X

  12. you look so cute!
    i love your blog baby :) and im following you
    follow please my blog too
    a lot of kisses from poland!

  13. thank-you for the comment, they are so cute and cuddly!
    hehe i love those tights in fact father christmas bought me some for christmas<3

  14. LOVE those ice cream nail varnishes x

  15. I love your tights! My local superdrug was all out of kits :(

  16. I have like £40 built up on my advantage card. Love the barry m colours! x hivennn p.s enter my giveaway?

  17. Thanks for your lovely comment,
    and wow Barry M. is so cool!
    I've bought it once, when I was in London,
    but over here they don't sell them :(


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