18 February 2011

Wish list #2

Today was a classic example of me looking for something in particular (block heels) on a certain website (New Look) and completely loosing track of what I intended! Cheekily I comprised a whole list of things that I'd like to add to my wardrobe, all of which from New Look may I add.

1. White Sheer  Dip Hem Shirt: I need a sheer shirt I must be the only person on blogspot not to have one?!
2. Nude Dip Hem Blouse: Will have to see this in real life, looks a bit frumpy in the picture!
3. Diamanté Gem Earrings: Matching earrings to accompany the ring below.
5. Peter Pan Tunic Dress: I like the colour and it's cute :)
6. Scalloped Tie Front Vest: I tried the Topshop one of these on, and the quality was appalling! The shoulders were coming unstitched and they were wonky :\ I prefer the tie in the New Look ones anyway.
7. Punchout Lace Up Heel: Leaning more towards the purple as I have a pair of pink heels already, but to be honest I'll have any! The black and grey are gorgeous too!



  1. Don't worry you're not the only one without a sheer shirt! I think I'm the only one without a peter pan-collar shirt! lol. x

  2. LOVE all of this, New Look are killing it right now!

  3. i have 4 of the topshop scalloped vests and i loveeeee them! and yes i don't have a sheer blouse either it's quite shocking! love your blog! x


  4. Came by your blog and followed. I just started blogging about two months ago and it hard to get people to follow you. Hope you can check out my blog.



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